Eva Longoria and Emma Watson, among the celebrities who joined the #IStayHomeFor by the COVID-19

Actors, musicians and athletes such as Eva Longoria, David Beckham, Demi Lovato, Emma Watson and Eton John used their social networks to share a photo with the hashtag “#IStayHomeFor” telling his followers to stay home and not put at risk by the pandemic coronavirus.


Bad Bunny share with your fans your day-to-day during the quarantine using social networks

Madrid, 24 mar. (EFE).- After the “YoMeQuedoEnCasa” in Spanish and “Iorestoacasa” Italian with the actresses, actors, musicians and artists invited to the nationals of Spain and Italy to stay at home, comes the “IStayHomeFor“.

A phrase that popular characters in american and british trying to raise awareness about the importance of staying at home to curb coronavirus.

From the model curvie Ashley Graham Eva Longoria, passing by David Beckham, Sharon Stone or Michelle Obama, not to mention Demi Lovato, or Elton John are manifested in their social networks, recommending to his followers to stay at home to protect themselves and their families.

Since yesterday the british prime minister, Boris Johnson, has imposed confinement in the Uk there have been many british linked to the world of cinema or the music that they invite their compatriots to stay at home.

The actress Emma Watson photo on Instagram with a sign that says: “I stayed at home by my grandmother, to my mother and to my best friend,” and explains the reason: “My grandmother passed the age of 70, especially vulnerable, my mother is person of risk to be diabetic, and my friend is a health professional”.


The singer Elton John ensures that he stays at home for David Furnish, his husband, and “our boys”. “You have to stay inside to stop the spread of the coronavirus. By whom? you stay at home? And invites its fans to post their own photo #IStayHomeFor “with a sign like mine,” and tag six of your friends asking them to do the same.

The former fubolista David Beckham confesses that stays at home for “VB and my kids” (“By Victoria Beckham and my children”).

In the united States, the last week already, some actors and singers like Jennifer Lopez, insisted on the importance of maintaining the confinement, while Gwyneth Paltrow showed out able of mask and gloves to make the purchase, but before the growth of the affected appeals to stay at home on the networks have been fired.

With a resounding: “To withdraw”, actress Sofia Vergara is launching a message in Spanish, from his home in Los Angeles, to their fellow colombians to follow the safety measures for “the safety of you and all.”

Michelle Obama gives some advice on Instagram in order to better pass the insulation recommended by the health authorities, and says that the call of his friend, the tv presenter Ellen DeGeneres he was happy to the day.

“To practice social distancing may be difficult, but it does not have to mean feeling isolated and alone. When I start to feel a little restless, I know that picking up the phone and call a loved one can do wonders to calm and lift your mood. How do you stay connected with your friends and family? Oh tell me about it! #StayAtHome”

Actress Eva Longoria without makeup says held: “By Santi (his son), Pepe (her husband) and for you”.


Yahir, Belinda, Alejandro Fernandez and Lucero asked their fans to “stay at home” by the COVID-19

The american singer Demi Lovato confesses that he performs his confinement by their parents, by their neighbours and their health.

The model Kendall Jenner confessed a few hours ago that he misses his friends, and he was supported in some pictures with them to remember the good times of meeting.

While the actress Natalie Portman confessed that stays at home for his daughter, Amalia, and to safeguard the health of “some of my friends who are immunosuppressed, pregnant women, and particularly vulnerable. I will stay at home for them and for the millions of health-care professionals who risk their lives every day for us.”

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