evacuated buildings and interrupted trains. What is happening

A major fire has developed in Southwark, a historic district on the River Thames in London, near London Bridge: what is happening in England

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A great fire developed in Southwark, the historic district of London. Due to the fire, the railway lines to and from London Bridge in London were cut off and several buildings were evacuated. The news was reported in the UK media. The fire was put out by the fire brigade

The first information

Ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters tackled the blaze that broke out under the railroad arches of Union Street in Southwark. Station commander Wayne Johnson, who was also on site, said: “The fire was producing heavy smoke and those who lived or worked in the area were advised to keep their windows and doors closed. And then: “Trains to and from London Bridge were hit and several buildings were evacuated.”

Network Rail Kent & Sussex reported on ‘Twitter’ that the fire would spread to a parking lot where “a couple of electric cars went up in flames”.

The witness

The ‘BBC’ reported the student’s testimony Lauren Chopin, who lives in an apartment two minutes’ walk from the place where the fire broke out. The girl said she had to wear a mask in her apartment because of the fumes. “There is a lot of smoke all over Union Street and nearby streets,” said the 20-year-old. “Sometimes it slows down and the smoke turns whiter, only to be followed by another huge blast of black smoke,” she added.

A second fire denied

The ‘BBC’ also clarified that the presence of a second fire, reported at first, was subsequently denied.

There are no injuries

According to what was reported by the Fire Brigade on the official website, at the moment there are no people injured following the explosion of the fire in the London Bridge area in London. The fire, the London Fire Brigade reported, is under control. The Fire Brigade has made it known that investigations into the causes of the fire have been started, specifying that an update will be provided in due time.

London, fire at London Bridge: evacuated buildings and interrupted trains.  What is happening

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