everything changes, based on income, which sting on health, times and figures

A real revolution on health tickets, but as we will see the shadow cones are many.

In fact, the health tickets will be paid precisely on the basis of income.


Let’s see the news that then concern practically all Italians and that are going to strike precisely the very delicate theme of health.

Here comes a real revolution: this is how it works

There has been a lot of controversy over these health tickets based on income also because today so many Italians are in very strong economic difficulty they are either giving up on treatment or they are making severe cuts on health costs.


But let’s see how these income-based health tickets should work. This real reform should involve both specialist services that of instrumental diagnostics but also of laboratory. The parameters to be taken into consideration for this real ticket reform will be the costs of the individual services but also the ISEE.

Complex and convoluted parameters

But in addition to these two parameters, any chronic diseases, disabling diseases or rare diseases will also be taken into consideration or even conditions of disability. Therefore, as regards the calculation of tickets, a very convoluted and complex mechanism is announced. Indeed as we know ISEE is a very badly done parameter that penalizes many families in real difficulty making them appear much richer than they are. But it is above all the many parameters to be taken into consideration that make new tickets very complex and probably very problematic too.

Maximum ceiling: many could be left out

Among other things, there is also talk of an annual spending limit: after that, other aid will not be able to be disbursed until the end of the year. A real sting. Basically, according to many who argue with the reform of health tickets, the dismantling of the national health service would continue, which by now, especially in the south, practically no longer works. In essence, the health tickets could become both more complicated to have and also more limited in terms of the benefits that individual citizens can derive. Qso the issue of the tickets is very hot and certainly the next Meloni government will have to deal with this issue because precisely because of the sting on bills it risks raising social tension even more. The real problem is that many argue that even if we are talking about income-anchored tickets, which would be fair and social, in reality we want to continue to empty the national health service to push towards private health.

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