Ex Claims That Messages From Actor Armie Hammer With References to Cannibalism and Sexual Violence Are Real

Controversial messages attributed to the ‘Call me by your Name’ heartthrob are the target of mounting accusations

The former affair of actor Armie Hammer claimed on Twitter that the star’s messages regarding cannibalism and sexual violence are real. The messages in question, already deleted from social networks, were also accused of being montages in recent days. The prints in question allegedly came out of a conversation by the ‘Call Me by Your Name’ actor (2017) with a woman, with him claiming to be “100% cannibal”, talking about his sexual practices and saying he had already sexually abused a woman. person.

Still, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, the protagonist of a brief affair with Hammer in September 2020, went to Twitter to expose her belief in the veracity of the messages. The writer, an ex-wife of actor Josh Lucas, said: “If you have doubts whether those messages from Armie Hammer are real (and they are) maybe you should question why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt and not the victims ”. Check out the post:

The post already deleted by writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez in which she says the messages attributed to actor Armie Hammer about cannibalism and sexual abuse are true (Photo: Twitter)

So far, Hammer has not commented publicly so much on the leaked messages as on the tweet made by Jessica Ciencin Henriquez – who deleted his post.

Josh Lucas and Jessica Ciencin Henriquez with their son Noah (Photo: Getty Images)

In the messages attributed to Hammer, in addition to the alleged statement about his cannibalistic practices, he is extremely aggressive, talks about the abuse he would have committed, and insists on meeting with his interlocutory, even with her saying that he has no intention of seeing him.

Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name (2017) (Photo: Reproduction)

Hammer’s affair with Jessica Ciencin Henriquez took place at the end of last year, just after the end of his 10-year marriage to TV presenter Elizabeth Chambers, mother of the actor’s two children. At the time the two were photographed at a romantic dinner in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. However, shortly afterward, he was seen in the company of other women, among them actress Rumer Willis, the eldest daughter of actor Bruce Willis with actress and model Demi Moore.

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers with their children (Photo: Instagram)

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez had ended her relationship with Josh Lucas for the second time in May last year. The two were married between 2012 and 2014, the period when their son Noah (7 years old) was born. They resumed the relationship, but in the first half of 2020, she used her Twitter account to reveal the new breakup, accusing the now ex of having betrayed her in the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez (Photo: Instagram)

She wrote: “Ex-husbands and ex-wives are ex-husbands and ex-wives always for a reason. Having a child with someone makes you want to forgive him more than you would normally be willing to do, makes you believe that they are better than they are. But you have to be a shit person to cheat on your partner (correction: now ex-partner) in the middle of a pandemic. Thanks for reminding me why I left you in the first place. ”

Actor Armie Hammer (Photo: Instagram)

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