Exchange rates 03.12. Unchanged on the horizon, the zloty is losing again [kurs dolara, funta, euro, franka]

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On Thursday, December 2 at noon, the National Bank of Poland published information about average exchange rates. The next table will be presented today, on Friday, December 3, 2021, on the NBP website. New data should be expected between 11:45 and 12:15.

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Average exchange rates of the National Bank of Poland – Thursday 02/12/2021 [kurs dolara, funta, euro, franka]:

  • euro exchange rate: PLN 4.6002;
  • dollar exchange rate: PLN 4.0625;
  • Swiss franc exchange rate: PLN 4.4131;
  • pound sterling rate: PLN 5.4114.

Live exchange rates – Friday 12/03/2021 [kurs dolara, funta, euro, franka]:

On the last day of November and at the beginning of December, the zloty was strongly recovering from the previous month’s losses. Within a few days, the franc went down by 0.14 PLN, the euro fell by 0.10 PLN and the dollar by 0.10 PLN. Since yesterday, the zloty gained a few groszy each, but on Friday morning it started to lose again, albeit at a slight pace. The dollar and the franc are gaining the most, growing at a rate of 0.30 percent. We will pay PLN 4.42 for the Swiss currency. The USD / PLN exchange rate is PLN 4.07. The pound grows by 0.13%. and you have to pay PLN 5.41 for it. One euro costs PLN 4.60 and gains 0.09%.

Macroeconomic calendar. What can affect exchange rates?

Below we present the macroeconomic events calendar for Friday, December 3, 2021, prepared by Macronext and analysts.

  • 09:30: Eurozone – Public speech by the President of the ECB (Christine Lagarde);
  • 09:55: Germany – PMI index for financial services November;
  • 10:00: Eurozone – PMI index for financial services November;
  • 10:30: UK – Services PMI Index;
  • 11:00 am: Eurozone – Retail Sales, October;
  • 2:30 pm: USA – Unemployment Rate, November;
  • 15:45: USA – Services PMI index, November;
  • 4:00 PM: USA – Finished Durable Goods Orders. (m / m), October;
  • 4:00 pm: USA – Industrial orders (MoM), October.

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