Excise duty on AKC-US passenger cars

According to the Ministry of Finance, this service will provide the option of online payment for receivables resulting from the excise duty declaration on AKC-US passenger cars and is related to the service of submitting an excise declaration on a car and obtaining a payment confirmation. The new option is addressed to excise tax payers who perform:

  • intra-Community acquisition of a car,
  • design changes changing the type of vehicle into a passenger car,
  • purchase or declaration of possession of a vehicle not previously registered in the territory of the country.

AKC-US excise duty can be paid via the PUESC portal

To make a payment, you must first create an account in the PUESC system. Detailed information can be found in the description of the Pay for the document via e-Payment service on the Portal of Electronic Services for Tax and Customs. Payments will be made using the PayByNet system.

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