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Documentary to show the world the ” El Dorado Tour, comes to theaters next Tuesday (the 13th) for a single-day-of-view

The tour The El Dorado Tourof Videoit was recorded and if it turns into a documentary, which hits theaters in more than 60 countries around the world on Wednesday, the 13th, for one night only. The film shows the return of the singer on the road after seven years.

In November of the year 2017, the singer has had to postpone the tour as a result of health care, in the face of the loss of the voice resulting from a hemorrhage in his vocal cords. The documentary promises to show a return for the singer, after this episode, the behind-the-scenes of the tour and during the show, showing off inclusuve of the scenes of his recent visit to Brazil.


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In addition to the star, a colombian artist, has transformed his style in documentary, showcasing not only their performance on stages but also by allowing the public to know their story, and the scenes in the life of a star in the world.


The film In Bed with Madonna tracked Madonna on your tour Blond Ambition World Tourin the 1990s, showing the queen of pop and her team, behind-the-scenes of the show. The original title of the Truth or Darea reference to a game of “truth or dare”, the film has reached the theaters in 1991 and was a box-office of more than 29 million us dollars.

With the release of the documentary film created a great impact to the LGBT community, as a singer, he showed to the public her relationship with her dancers and gay men, and that in the course of the season, in the scene where everyone is playing truth or dare.

Challenging, Madonna gets to be in the film, was threatened with arrest for her performance of “Like a Virgin” at the show, which was simulating masturbation on stage. The film shows the scenes at the end of her relationship with Warren Beaty.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry documenting her career behind-the-scenes tour The California Dreamthat ended in 2012, the year this film was released in theaters. In addition to the artistic career of the singer, showing off videos from your personal archive, and in the beginning of his career as a gospel singer, their relationship, and divorce to actor Russell Brand is also registered in a movie.

The singer received the news of the breakup of his marriage, by the phone, just before I went on stage for a concert in Brazil, and the moment was immortalized in the documentary film, which has surpassed the mark of us $ 30 million at the box office.

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Michael Jackson

The trial, which would have been the last tour of Michael Jackson, has been turned into a documentary film. In This Is Itfans can watch the schedule for a series of concerts the king of pop would be held at the O2 Arena in London shortly before his death on June 25, 2009. The film was released in October of the same year, and has raised more than us $ 260 million worldwide.

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Justin Bieber

A look behind the scenes of the world premiere of Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden, which reached the cinemas in 2011, followed by the movie Never Say Neverwhere is the career of the young man, the phenomenon of the pop-has been documented. With home movies, showing his past as a street artist, the film also shows footage of the big slide, which had the participation At the time, Jaden Smith, Ludacris, and Miley Cyrusthe box office, the film has reached 99 million dollars.

In 2014, the concerts, the singer returned to the theater with the movie In the united statesshowing some of his world-wide tour of the same name, and a few moments from behind the scenes.In the second film, the singer raked in $ 32 million worldwide.

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The phenomenon of k-pop came on the big screen. The Korean group BTS it came to the theaters for the first time in 2018 with the movie Burn the Stage to The Moviethat showed the behind-the-scenes tour The Wings Tour. For the record, raised $ 20.3 million dollars in the theaters.

The second film in the group, List of the Soul: The Filmdebuted this year and has raised more than $ 24 million, which documented the behind-the-scenes tour Love Yourself..

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Jonas Brothers 3D: O Show

In 2009, the The Jonas Brothers they shared it with their fans, behind-the-scenes from their lives during the tour Burnin Up. Featuring guest appearances by Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift as a guest, special, the film also marks the release of the song Love Is On Its Way. The box office of the film has exceeded 23 million dollars.

This year, after announcing the long-awaited return of the band after a six year break, the brothers, and cast of the documentary Chasing Happiness over his career, that this time it won’t come to the big screen. The project has been launched exclusively for the Amazon Prime Video.

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