Eyebrow pencil, the best fur effect or waterproof

S.eighty nineties style, thick like Cara Delevingne, natural but very well combed like Kaia Gerber: the “eyebrows”Are an essential focus of the gaze, and, with them, a key piece of beauty case, la eyebrow pencilessential tool for maintenance.

Regardless of the tip, be it oblique, ultra thin or soft, knowing how to use it can make a difference. And each type of pencil corresponds to a different result.

Eyebrow pencil, how and which to choose

Go beyond the eyebrows ultra skinny loved by Kate Moss, and even those bushy to Cara Delevingne, the current trend wants a natural, well-groomed and combed arch. The celebrity of reference? Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s model daughter.

The secret of her eyebrows lies in the right eyebrow pencil: “There are different types and they differ from the tip: this is what makes the difference for the effect you want to obtain, natural or more defined and bold »he explains Giulio Schettini, National Brow & Beauty Authority Benefit Cosmetics Italia.

The thin-lead eyebrow pencils

If you like a more natural archare perfect «pencils with ultra thin lead, which very easily recreate the effect of the hair thanks to them micro tip. With this type it is also possible to work with precision only in the sparser areas or in the edges to give a greater definition of the arch itself “.

Diagonal eyebrow pencils, fur effect

The “hair effect” eyebrow pencils, or Hair Effect Pencil «have a drop tip, they are used by hatching as if you were drawing the individual hairs and are best suited to create a very natural bow because they allow you to work with extreme precision »explains Schettini.

Eye Yoga, the secret of Paul McCartney:

Eye Yoga, the secret of Paul McCartney:

Easily recognizable, they have a flattened and obliquely cut lead net and for this reason they require excellent dexterity. “In addition to filling, these pencils they also allow you to work on the volume, creating three-dimensionalitythus working at 360 ° on the arch ».

With these types of pencils the gaze is therefore in the foreground: draw full brows that lift the gaze and balance the forehead. Not only: catalyze attention by moving it away from bags and dark circles.

Thick pointed pencils

What if you are looking for more filling instead? «Pencils are indicated with one thick tip which must be faded between the hairs in order to create a natural and full shade at the base of the hair, which gives greater intensity filling to the arch »explains the expert.

Eyebrow pencil used on the lip contour: the TikTok trend

Not only for the arch: from TikTok and Instagram comes a new beauty trend that wants it eyebrow pencil also suitable for the lip contour.

As Schettini explains: «The idea arises from the fact that theoretically the shade that you use for the eyebrows should be the ideal one to define the lips. The result? Long lasting and an effect beyond all expectations ».

How to choose the nuance in this case? «It is essential that the coloring is as neutral as possible, similar to the color of the mucosa, and that the tip is super thinwith a non-creamy texture to be used to re-outline the contour of the lips without any smudging, both in the inner corners and on the cupid’s bow ‘.

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«Also perfect for finishing the points where the pigmentation is most lacking, the effect is that of more defined and plumped lips» concludes Giulio Schettini.


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