eyes on the seats in Rome

The seats of institutional offices –

The head of state

Sergio Mattarella

is expected to


while the

outgoing premier Mario Draghi

will go through the doors of the Roman high school Mameli. The president of the Senate

Maria Elisabetta Casellati

instead it will be a


(at about 12 at the polling station set up in the municipal nursery school in via IV novembre). And he chose the Lucanian capital by making use of the rule that allows candidates to vote in the place where they run in the elections, even if they reside elsewhere. The Speaker of the House

Roberto Fico

(not reappointed by the M5s for the two-term rule) will vote in his city,


at the Della Valle Institute in Posillipo.

Many leaders will vote in the capital –


Silvio Berlusconi

the seat is that

Milanese in via Rovani

while the blue coordinator

Antonio Tajani

will travel to


. And the Lombard capital is also the city where they will vote

Matteo Salvini


Maurizio Lupi

. He lives and will vote

in Rome

instead the leader of FdI

Giorgia Meloni

, which at 11 will go to the seat of the Vittorio Bachelet School. Roman also the vote for the secretary of the Democratic Party

Enrico Letta

: the neighborhood is that of


and the appointment is in the morning, around 9.30, at the polling station set up at the De Amicis / Cattaneo institute. The allies of the Italian Left and the Greens,

Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli

instead, they will vote respectively

in Foligno and Ostia



it is instead the city where the Minister of Health and leader of Leu will vote

Roberto Speranza

(Soccavo district). Will vote in the



Emma Bonino


Benedetto Della Vedova

will be in Milan and Riccardo Magi in Turin. Also

Calenda and Renzi

they are divided: seat in the capital for the frontman of the electoral campaign, while it is in Florence that the Tuscan senator will vote, who will then fly to Japan for the funeral of Shinzo Abe.

Giuseppe Conte


of the M5s

will go to a historian

Roman high school in the center

: the Virgil in via Giulia. Finally, the leader of Italexit,

Gianluigi Paragone

is expected

in Milan


Where parties will wait for results –

Once the right to vote has been exercised, there will then be a long wait for the leaders and for the parties: the polls will close at


and the first results will arrive in the night. Most of the parties have organized a headquarters where to wait for the data and to be able to give comments and interviews to the media. From 10 pm the Democratic Party opens the doors of the national headquarters of the Nazarene, while the Italian Left and the Greens will await the electoral results at the Literary Cafe in via Ostiense and Più Europa in its Roman headquarters in via Santa Caterina da Siena 46, starting at 8 pm. Naples, on the other hand, is the headquarters of Luigi Di Maio’s civic engagement. The Cinquestelle also chose the headquarters of the Movement in via Campo Marzio. Fratelli d’Italia will set up the press room to follow the counting at the “Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel” in Rome. The appointment for the League is instead in via Bellerio in Milan, in the historic party offices. Always a hotel and always in Rome, but this time in via Cavour, the choice of the Action-Italia Viva electoral committee.

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