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Here we are, at the beginning of the world championship they are only missing 24 hours. Which are not the real ones, but the actual ones on the track that the teams will be able to spend before deliberating on the “Sakhir package“, that is to say that cauldron of solutions that they will decide to bring in the car for the first race of the year. Three days of eight hours each, four hours in the morning and four in the afternoon each day for a total of 24 hours to spend The ticking of the clock will certainly be louder than in Barcelona.

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A new phase of testing

If the Spain it had to be more of a continuous discovery, the Bahrain first of all it will be refinement. In Catalonia, one of the main aspects to check was the famous correlation between the runway and the tunnel, because without it, as is well known, you run the risk of getting into a dead end. For the drivers, however, it was important to discover how to drive these new single-seaters after having tried them only in the virtual reality of the simulators. Drivers in better shape therefore and more prepared teams, with a huge amount of data collected in that of Barcelona: now phase two can begin.

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Developments on the way

We had said this before Spain, that at Montmelò no one would have sought pure performance. It is useless to do so with still so few kilometers behind and with versions of the cars that are not yet definitive. In the Persian Gulf, on the other hand, the cars will begin to be more similar to the configuration planned for the Bahrain GP: in fact, pay attention to the developments, some already planned, while others, which it would be better to call measures rather than updates, will have been suggested by the first three days on the track of the first winter practice session. One aspect above all, that of porpoising: in general it is said that it is enough to make the car more rigid, in practice, any unexpected intervention is paid for somewhere else. Let’s say that solving that problem is relatively easy, the difficult thing is to do it without affecting the adjustments and solutions of a machine designed without taking that inconvenience into account. And anyway, we were talking about the updates: they will arrive, between who will have more and who will have less. For sure there will be, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the more you wear it, the later it will be: each has its own programming. What is certain is that it will be interesting again to observe all the cars that will bite the asphalt of Sakhir.

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In search of time

By necessity, the teams will somehow be “forced” to seek the service in a more thorough and clear way than in Spain. As always, they will try to disguise various time trials, so it is fair to say immediately that there will be no certainties even after the three days in Bahrain. Near Manama you will be able to understand something more, but you will not be able to presume to say that you have understood everything. Although it will be interesting, as always, to comb through all race steps of the pilots, without forgetting that they will be carried out without us knowing which mappings the teams are using. The same is true in the tests on the dry ride, where there will be the unknown quantity of petrol: on the race pace, on the other hand, the amount of fuel will be similar if everyone tries a real GP and not just parts of the race. Everyone is interested in carrying out truthful checks, also because it would make no sense not to do it a week before the start of the championship.

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The latest refinements

Ultimately, the Bahrain tests will be used to carry out the latest checks regarding aerodynamic configurations and set-ups. In Barcelona the cars had to be “understood”, now you have to be sure that to a certain intervention correspond certain reactions of the car. A job that to tell the truth is done a lot at the beginning, but the last test is the definitive test: there should be no surprises when you go to make some changes to the car. The same type of work applies to aerodynamics, with various configurations to try.

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Where to take the tests

After the Barcelona tests in the “dark”, this time the tests can be followed freely live. Television coverage is offered by Sky, on channel 207; eight hours a day of live from Thursday 10 March to Saturday 12always with the same times: from 8 to 12 and then from 13 to 17.

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