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Penultimate round of the Formula 1 season: accident in the first laps between Verstappen and Hamilton, penalized the Dutchman. Norris buffers Leclerc

8:07 pm – Lap 48/71 Pit stop Perez, Sainz second

The Mexican from Red Bull stops, Carlos Sainz is now second. Hamilton also stops that he would not have wanted.

8:03 pm – Lap 45/71 Hamilton passes Perez, second

Hamilton on the straight overcomes Perez, second place for the Englishman. Two Mercedes in command of the Brazilian GP. Third stop for Leclerc.

8:01 pm – Lap 44/71 Leclerc passes Norris

The Ferrari driver takes eighth place, Hamilton attacks Perez for second place.

7:59 pm – Lap 40/71 Russell and the doubt of the tires

Mercedes has often been wrong about strategies this year, they ask Russell if he wants the soft. He doesn’t seem to agree. Leclerc ninth bottled behind Norris.

7:55 pm – Lap 39/71 Russell unapproachable

Mercedes sees the first victory with the Englishman, has a 7 ” margin over Perez. Hamilton third.

7:54 pm – Giro 38/71 The top 5

Russell, Perez, Hamilton, Sainz, Bottas

7:52 pm – Giro 36/71 Pit stop Sainz

Another stop for Carlos Sainz, he mounts the yellow tires.

7:49 pm – Giro 34/71 Verstappen in comeback, Leclerc as well

Tsunoda passes and 15, in front has Stroll and Leclerc. Ahead Hamilton reduces the gap from Sainz, Mercedes is strong at Interlagos. Leclerc twelfth after passing Mick Schumacher.

7:47 pm – Lap 33/71 The top 10

Russell, Perez, Sainz, Hamilton, Alonso, Bottas, Vettel, Ocon, Gasly, Norris

7.45pm – Lap 31/71 Russell flies

The Mercedes driver has 4.7 ” of margin on Perez, Sainz third ahead of Hamilton. Leclerc 13 and Verstappen 16.

7:42 pm – Lap 29/71 Pit stop also for Hamilton

Hamilton has extended the pit stop, has mounted the medium and returns fourth ahead of Stroll.

7:40 pm – The top 5

Hamilton (no-pit stop), Russell, Perez, Sainz and Stroll.

7:38 pm – Giro 26/71 Verstappen tire change

The Dutchman suffers the 5 ” penalty, the Dutch Red Bull’s pit stop is not quick. Russell also stops, at the command of the GP there is Hamilton who will have to stop.

7:36 pm – Giro 24/71 Perez tire change

Early stop of the Mexican in just 2 ”, the Mexican returns sixth ahead of Sainz.

7:34 pm – Lap 22/71 Pit-stop Leclerc

Charles switches to red tires, 17. His race was ruined by Norris, too bad because the pace was there.

19:32 – Giro 21/71 Sainz is recovering

After the mishap, the Spaniard moved up to eighth position, Leclerc 15.

19:30 – Giro 18/71 A visor in the brakes for Sainz

Sainz’s brake overheating was caused by a tear-off visor, a similar problem had happened to Leclerc at Spa.

7:27 pm – Lap 17/71 Pit-stop Sainz

Problems for Carlos Sainz, the right rear tire overheated in the brakes: he takes 4 ” 1 for the stop, he has mounted the red tires.

7:24 pm – Lap 15/71 Hamilton now fourth

Lewis has passed Norris, is rebuilding his race. Now behind Sainz, Perez and Russell.

7:23 pm – Giro 14/71 Verstappen and Norris penalized

Five seconds of penalty to both of them for having caused the two accidents: one with Hamilton and the other with Leclerc

7:21 pm – Lap 12/71 Sainz very fast

Russell has an advantage of 1 ” 2 over Perez, Sainz pushes a lot from behind and 3 ” from the leader of the race.

19:19 – The two incidents under investigation

The commissioners will decide on both Hamilton-Verstappen and Norris-Leclerc contact.

7:17 pm – Giro 9/71 The top 5

Russell, Perez, Sainz, Norris, Vettel.

7:16 pm – Lap 7/71 We turn Leclerc

Leclerc was looking to overtake Norris, he exaggerated and ended up against the barriers. He manages to continue but last.

7:14 pm – Giro 6/71 Via the safety car

Russell leads the race, contact between Hamilton and Verstappen. He loses English.

7.10 pm – Lap 5/71 Leclerc complains of a problem

Over the radio with the pits he said he heard something strange in the engine, Xavi Marcos his track engineer: We are checking, but not a problem. At the start Leclerc lost one position on Norris and sixth.

7:07 pm – Lap 3/71 The top 10 behind the safety car

Russell, Hamilton, Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Leclerc, Sainz, Vettel, Gasly and Schumacher. The accident between Ricciardo and Magnussen will be investigated after the race.

7:04 pm – Magnussen-Ricciardo accident

The safety car enters, Magnussen turns and hits Ricciardo. They both end up outside. The Dane had been the protagonist of the weekend so far with pole in qualifying. it was the Australian who triggered the accident by rear-ending Magnussen.

19:04 – Parties !!!!!!

Russell starts well and leads Hamilton. Behind Verstappen and Perez.

6:55 pm – The choice of tires

The first four all start with the soft, Leclerc and Sainz instead chose the medium. The training round started.

6:51 pm – Everything is ready for departure

Within minutes of the formation lap, Interlagos has always offered spectacular races.

6:39 pm – Ferrari seeks redemption

The latest success dates back to July in Austria, then Ferrari’s performance dropped and Mercedes grew. We’ll see if Sainz’s new engine will help recover.

6:26 pm – Hamilton on the hunt for a record

Since his F1 debut (2007) he has always won at least one race in every season. Seven world titles won, six with Mercedes and one with McLaren. Three of his successes in Brazil, the last one last year. In São Paulo he was welcomed like a king, he also obtained honorary citizenship.

6:22 pm – Warm-up laps started

The cars are on the track, Ferrari looks a lot in better shape than Mexico. But he will still have to face a difficult comeback race. Verstappen from the fourth box looks for the 15th win of the season.

18:10 – The possible strategies

It will be a very tactical race for the tires, the yellow chosen by Verstappen in the Sprint Race proved to be a mistake. Here are the strategies suggested by Pirelli, we will go on two stops. There is also the option to just one: medium + hard or soft + hard, but difficult. Also because it is hot in Brazil.

17:49 – The starting grid

1 Russell, 2 Hamilton, 3 Verstappen, 4 Perez, 5 Leclerc, 6 Norris, 7 Sainz, 8 Magnussen, 9 Vettel, 10 Gasly, 11 Ricciardo, 12 Schumacher, 13 Ricciardo, 14 Bottas, 15 Stroll, 16 Ocon, 17 Alonso , 18 Latifi, 19 Albon, 20 Albon (from the pit lane for infringement under the parc fermé regime)

17:49 – Ferrari-Mercedes duel for second constructors place

Ferrari called to defend at least second place in the constructors’ standings: the Cavallino is ahead by 36 points. In the drivers’ standings, however, Leclerc is playing for second place with Perez. The Mexican at +6.

17:49 – The penultimate race of 2022

At Interlagos, Brazil, the penultimate race of the season. Two Mercedes start from the front row, which had not happened for almost a year, the last race won was in Saudi Arabia in December 2021. There is Russell in front of Hamilton, yesterday the young Englishman won the Sprint Race. Behind the Red Bulls of Verstappen and Perez. Ferrari: Leclerc starts from the fifth box, Sainz from the seventh: he was relegated by five positions for having replaced the V6 turbo.

17:49 – Where to see the Brazilian GP live

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