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Taking a cue from the title of Alessandro Bergonzoni, the after-Coronavirus as the new world has in store for us, in our case, for the Formula 1? Marco Mensurati this might be the time to review the rules and to improve the model of the Circus ?
“To think to introduce new rules more fair in Formula 1, I consider this hypothesis impractical. Motorsport is the ‘pinnacle’ of three distinct realities: entertainment, sports, and auto industry. The three companies that live of luxury consumption popular as a character is superfluous, in the sense that it is not essential that as a bakery. The three entities that thrive on the imbalances in the distribution of capital. Would find it bizarre that they could distribute the different resources.

The Formula 1 has a structure that is typical of always: the leagues are dominated by one team – the Mercedes in the last few years – that is invent on a regular basis from time to time a challenger that doesn’t actually exist. The second plays the role of sparring partner tracker – see the turn of Ferrari and Red Bull – who would have us believe to be competitive, when in reality it is not. Then there is the pattuglione that floats, and finally, to those devoted to the recycling. The world that revolves around the Formula 1 feeds on recycling, needless to hide it. The motivations of each competitor and those were and those will remain in the restart after the stop is short or long, imposed by the pandemic Coronavirus. The reality of the automotive and motorsport will continue to make the investments necessary solely to their business plan, just as in the past.

Mercedes will try to win by communicating perfection. Others will try to occupy a place of luxury in a scenario that is critical to their economic and industrial. Each will try to defend their interest varied irrespective of the reasons for which are there. Solved the problem of the virus, the bandwagon will start again just as before and so will all the sectors. I don’t expect that with the lesson learned from the pandemic, the company have an agreement with the equity criteria. The piranhas will continue to eat the tuna, perhaps with greater hunger.

Once again you may be right Bernie Ecclestone when he says that it would be appropriate to give up the championship and 2020 in order to reprogram the world of 2021 with logics that are more accurate, especially for the aspects related to the market of television rights. The new models are always taking into account the exit from the platforms to the payment to return to conditions free. The global landscape of Tv rights is evolving due to the effect of the online that is devouring whole slices of the market. The enigma that intrigues me most is to understand, not so much in what situation you will find the Formula 1 after the Covid-19, but what is written in the business plan of Liberty Media. The world of production after the pandemic lose the weaker subjects, and so for the Formula 1. But the void is filled with more.

No one is going to sit at a table to understand how to adopt criteria that are most useful to all. You will start with a natural change of things inherent in the unbridled capitalism. And Formula 1 is unbridled capitalism, perhaps the most capitalist that comes to mind for me, since the primary purpose is to eat to derive useful. It is the nature of this show that will change according to the needs to be addressed. The Circus is, by its nature follows the evolution but anticipates, so as he anticipated a decade Greta Thunberg, a conception of the hybrid engine many years before his debut took place in 2014. I don’t see Toto Wolff, Mattia Binotto and Chris Horner gathered to imagine how best to allocate according to sustainable criteria. Rather, I see the heads of major corporations ask themselves which choices will be affordable between three or five years. And throughout the cabin, without understanding why, it will follow that line”.


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