F1: Verstappen match point at Suzuka, Fia postpones budget – Sport

In Japan, the wait ended when it was now midnight, but only the news of a postponement arrived from Paris. In fact, we will have to wait until Monday to know the outcome of the FIA ​​assessments, and related decisions, on compliance with the budget cap by the Formula 1 team.
And, above all, if there have been overruns by Red Bull and Aston Martin. In the meantime, however, the Japanese GP will be held, where Max Verstappen has a new match point at his disposal to win the second consecutive world title, and with four races to spare.
Announced for 2 pm European time, the press release arrived only three hours later, disappointing everyone a little but confirming in fact that the issue is delicate, a bomb triggered to be managed with caution, especially after two seasons in which there was no lack of controversy and accusations for so many decisions made on and off the track. All the more reason, therefore, it must be evaluated in Paris, it was useless to add fuel to the fire in view of an important race, which could weaken the urgency and importance of the choices made.
The Automobile Federation limited itself to issuing a brief note announcing that it had postponed the conclusion of the financial analyzes to 10 October, “a long and complex process”, and that only then will it proceed with issuing the certificates of conformity. In the meantime, he will not provide further information on the affair but has criticized the “significant and unfounded speculations and conjectures” circulated on the subject and defined the rumors according to which FIA personnel disclosed sensitive information completely “groundless”.
According to rumors of the last few hours, collected by Sky Sport Uk, Red Bull would have made an overrun, but of a limited size, which would lead to a minor violation and penalties in line, such as not to affect the results obtained on the track. These are only rumors, but both Ferrari and Mercedes have pointed out that even a slight overshoot, on a budget ceiling of 145 million per year, if well exploited can ‘yield’ a lot in terms of competitiveness. Furthermore, in their opinion, the budget cap must be both a limit and a guarantee.
Once it is breached, even if slightly, it leaves a free hand to everyone.
For now we can only continue to wait and leave room for the cars and the drivers, but in Suzuka, in addition to the gray sky, there is also a heavy layer of doubts and suspicions