Fairphone 2 is still being updated 6 years after its release

2015 android smartphone still being updated? Yes – this happens, as long as you buy yourself a Fairphone. I would choose it myself instead of an equally ecological Nokia.

What manufacturer is able to update his phone 6 years after the premiere? Probably some would say Apple, but no, not at all. It’s about someone who has Android smartphones – plus, they don’t cost a fortune at all. If you are buying a device with maximum long-term use in mind, then you already know where to hit.

It is of course about the Fairphone brand, and more specifically about the second iteration of their smartphone. Fairphone 2 It does not cease to surprise, because although the pace of the update definitely fails, the length of the support itself is impressive. The phone has just entered the beta phase of Android 10. It sounds average, but I remind you about Android fragmentation – on 9.0 Pie it still works shocking. I will add that in March he got Android 9, so I would not rule out that Android 11 will also hit him.

Fairphone 2 / photo by the producer

Is it worth buying a phone for 6 years of upgrade?

Okay – updates, updates, ecology, ecology, but is it a good phone at all? I took a closer look at the Fairphone 4, the newest baby from this manufacturer. It costs a good PLN 2,700, which is already worrying. It has a 5-year warranty, and this slightly changes the perception of the price. You can replace it yourself… everything in it, and the parts are available on the seller’s website.

So is it worth buying? In general, the specs roughly correspond to the OnePlus CE 5G, so if you change your phone frequently and have sustainability and environmentally neutral products somewhere, this is absolutely not the hardware for you. Honestly, I would choose Fairphone 4 than, for example, one of the new Nokia, which also justifies the price with ecology, but absolutely does not provide the same quality.

Finally, something for the curious. If you think that in 2021 there are no more smartphone users with really old Android, check out the text below. You’ll be surprised how many of us don’t care about the security of our data.

It’s a joke. You are using versions of Android so old that it makes shivers go by


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