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Due to the worsening epidemic situation in Austria, a 10-day lockdown has been introduced (with an option to extend it for another 10 days), as well as the obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19. Due to the decision of the local government, a series of restrictions was introduced on Monday, such as a ban on leaving the house except for grocery shopping, for medical advice and the need to exercise. This resulted in protests – about 30,000 people took to the streets of Vienna last weekend. opponents of restrictions and anti-vaccines.

About 30,000 people came to the streets of Vienna.  opponents of anti-epidemic restrictionsAustria: around 30,000 opponents of anti-epidemic restrictions on the streets of Vienna

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Pro-epidemics spread fake news

The topic of protests in other countries is spreading among Polish pro-epidemics. Some of them shared a photo of the crowds that was allegedly taken during a demonstration in Austria. As Demagog, an association fighting against fake news, pointed out, there is false information. The photo shows neither the protests of the opponents of vaccines in Vienna, nor even the Austrians. Moreover, it was not performed this year.

“The photo comes from Moscow on March 10, 1991, from Manezhne Square. The demonstrators then demanded the resignation of Mikhail Gorbachev,” informs the Demagog. The photo was taken by Dominique Mollard of the Associated Press. It presents about 500 thousand. people who took part in the demonstration.

The association also drew attention to the fact that this photo had been processed, and the editors of Myth Detector wrote about it three years ago.

Protests in AustriaA wave of protests in Europe. In the Netherlands, riots in the streets of several cities [ZDJĘCIA]

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