Fall Guys with costumes from Ghost of Tsushima and LittleBigPlanet. Season 6 requires an Epic Games Account

Fall Guys is a production that is still very popular. Developers are bravely supporting this online title.

In Fall Guys already Season 6 will begin on November 30, dubbed “Party Spectacular”. Under it, you will be able to win 2 costumes related to Ghost of Tsushima and 1 from the LittleBigPlanet brand. Developers have already confirmed that you will be able to get a Sackboy skin in the title. There will also be a limited-time event associated with this character.

Season 6 will also feature 5 new arenas. A bit of gameplay awaits you below, featuring the new levels that will be released in Fall Guys on November 30th. Mediatonic has already announced more crossovers with other games coming in Season 6.

Fall Guys publisher will be as of November 30, it required every player to have an Epic Games Account (also on PS4). Without it, it will not be possible to play the game. Thanks to the Epic Games Account, you will be able to have fun on PC and console – all the player’s progress will be transferred between platforms.

Source: https://fallguys.com/news/fall-guys-cross-platform-progression-epic-games-accounts

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