Fall-winter trends 2021/2022: This PEPCO sweater will be a hit of Christmas and winter. You can buy it for PLN 35

Winter and Christmas are fast approaching, and we are already slowly starting to think about what we will wear during this special period. If you do not have an idea on this matter, be sure to check out the PEPCO offer. This is where you will find a fashionable and elegant sweater with a shiny thread, perfect for festive days.

A few days ago, PEPCO stores started to see clothes and accessories for the home, which will surely make the waiting time for Christmas more enjoyable, and will also be perfect when it comes. In the iconic discount, you can find in the new collection incl. a red checkered dress, which is perfect for an occasion in the form of a family celebration lunch or dinner.

Too the latest range includes an elegant sweater that can be easily combined with waxed matching pants. Such a set is a good idea for Christmas. See what this product looks like and check its price.

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Fall-winter trends 2021/2022: This PEPCO sweater will be a hit of Christmas and winter. You can buy it for PLN 35

November 18 A warm sweater with a metallic thread appeared in PEPCO. Such a product in graphite color will be perfect for slightly more formal occasions. It fits perfectly with shiny trousers, but also with a pleated midi skirt. If, on the other hand, it is very cold outside the window, it can be successfully worn under an oversize jacket.

The discount sweater is equipped with a tie at the back, which will twist many styles. It also has comfortable cuffs on the sleeves and at the bottom for comfort. Now you will pay only PLN 35 for this type of product, which will work well during Christmas.

The model in question, in combination with elegant pants, is an alternative to the dress so often chosen by women. It is available in the store in sizes from S to XXL. How do you like it?


photo. PEPCO sweater




Fall-winter trends 2021/2022: PEPCO

PEPCO is one of the favorite brands of Poles. All because it offers a diverse range at a great price. Customers eagerly buy women’s, men’s and children’s clothes, but also gadgets and home decorations. Most of these products do not cost more than PLN 50, so it’s worth getting them. Now at discount points you can buy, among others Christmas decor elements – lamps, small Christmas trees, baubles or wooden figurines, which will diversify your interior.

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