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Bethesda has announced that a new battle royale map for Fallout 76 will arrive with update 13. \ t

The update 13 of Fallout 76, scheduled for September 10th, will enrich the game with a new battle royale map.

It’s called Morgantown and linked to the Nuclear Winter expansion. In short, Bethesda continues to support the game, which after a year of launch seems to have almost completely changed face.

Let’s read the Morgantown map presentation message, taken from the official Fallout 76 blog:

Salve, aspiring superintendent [INSERT NAME].

Despite everything, you have shown great value.
I can’t complain about the current state of the test. The candidates continue to eliminate each other successfully, and I am sure that the perfect superintendent will soon be identified among your ranks. This result was unexpected.
Nevertheless, I believe that the selection procedure must undergo some changes in order to be considered ideal. I believe that the best results can be obtained by transferring to another area.
My algorithms have identified Morgantown and the surrounding mountains as the area best suited to the test while Flatwoods is decontaminated. I’m interested in the effects that urban centers in the region can have on your behavior. According to my data, urban guerrilla warfare was once a common practice among humans. I encourage you to fight in the center of Morgantown and Grafton so that I can observe and obtain data on the battle strategies of the candidates in these urban centers. I have made a vast arsenal available to help you eliminate your competitors.
I expect that characteristics of the territory such as steep cliffs and large ponds will also prove to be interesting challenges for the candidates. I suggest you equip talent for improved mobility and water performance so that your test in Morgantown is enjoyable.
Keep in mind that the area is home to wild predators that do not live in the Flatwoods region. Hostile radioactive scorpion colonies have been seen to spontaneously attack other life forms in the area. According to my forecasts, numerous candidates will be eliminated following similar attacks.
During the scan of the region to assess its suitability, I discovered a small group of Assaultron RobCo deactivated before the Great War. I then reactivated these automata and deployed them in the Morgantown region as an example of speed and effectiveness with which aspiring supervisors should eliminate their enemies. The luckiest candidates may have the opportunity to observe the Assaultrons in action, but I suggest doing it at a safe distance. I have not disabled the aggressive functionality of the Assaultrons, so they will not exist to attack you.
I look forward to running the test in Morgantown as soon as possible. Thanks again for your availability to Vault-Tec and for your dedication to the test. Good luck.

Before leaving, we remind you that Fallout 76 is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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