False accusations of child pornography to extort real money: searches also in Brescia

Half a million euros in just two months. Extorted from people who have been wrongly accused of holding child pornography material. This is the mechanism discovered by the Postal Police as part of the Kafka operation that this morning led to carry out 16 searches throughout Italy, including in Brescia.

The note released in the afternoon specifies that the investigation was set in motion after “the massive sending of extortive e-mails, apparently from institutional authorities, containing a false summons to court for facts relating to child pornography and reproduces a false government document and presents in the header false logos of Italian police forces and ministries, including the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense ».

“The fraudulent act contests the user with very serious violations, committed through the Internet, linked to criminally relevant conduct referring to crimes of sexual harassment of minors. The document threatens to forward the evidence to an unspecified Prosecutor and the media, urging them to provide justifications within 72 hours. The next step is a request for money to “void” the accusations and the indication of the bank details to which to pay the extorted sums ».

The State Police then made it known that “the ritual technical checks on the computer material subject to search are underway, in order to outline the responsibilities of the persons under investigation in the criminal activity and the network of contacts involved in sending extortion emails with particular attention to connections with foreign countries “.