Fame MMA 12. Big hit announced just before the gala! “Don Kasjo” will fight two duels

MMA fans are looking forward to the fight between Kasjusz Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek. On Thursday, during the “Face 2 Face” program, it was announced that “Don Kasjo” would have another duel at the Saturday FAME 12 gala.


Cassius Don Kasjo Życiński

Press materials / FAME MMA / Pictured: Kasjusz Don Kasjo Życiński

Kasjusz Życiński is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of Fame MMA. No wonder that the celebrity once again found himself in the card and in the fight of the evening. This time he will cross the gloves with Marcin Wrzosek in the box.

As it turns out, “Don Kasjo” at Saturday’s gala will not fight only with the former KSW champion in featherweight. Again there was a clash between him and one of the federal authorities – Michał “Boxdel” Baron.

During the Thursday program “Face 2 Face” both decided to cross the gloves. Życiński, right after the duel with Marcin Wrzosek, will fight the Baron. Initially, their fight will also take place in the boxing formula.

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The owners of the federation agreed to such conditions. – I’m eager for something like this, it will be funny. For how many rounds? Boxdel asked. “As much as you want,” replied Don Cassio. “You enter immediately after Heather,” the celebrity added.

Fans will probably learn more during the weigh-in ceremony, which was scheduled for Friday (November 19) at 18:00. The Fame MMA 12 Gala will take place on Saturday (November 20), start at 20:00.

In addition to “Don Kasjo” and Marcin Wrzosek, the fighting card also includes, among others, Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Artur Szpilka’s fiancée – Kamila Wybrańczyk, Jacek Murański and Arkadiusz Tańula.

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