Fame MMA 12. Jacek Murański disqualified! Crazy fight in the Roman cage

A crazy duel was fought by Jacek Murański (0-1) and Arkadiusz Tarcieula (5-1) during the Fame MMA 12 gala. “Muran” repeatedly fouled and broke the rules, which resulted in disqualification.

Maciej Szumowski

Maciej Szumowski

Jacek Murański

Facebook / FightExclusiveNight / In the photo: Jacek Murański

The clash between Jacek Murański and Arkadiusz Tańcula was a real hit. “Muran”, who replaced his son Mateusz, and “Aroy” faced the so-called a Roman cage with dimensions of 3×3 m.

The duel was contracted for five rounds of two minutes each, on the basis of MMA with allowed elbow strikes. The clash took place in little gloves.

At Fame MMA 12, the long-awaited rematch between Mateusz Murański and Tańula was originally supposed to take place. This, however, had to be canceled due to the injury of “Muran”. The loser of the first duel withdrew from the fight, but “Aroy” remained in the fight card. So he faced the … 52-year-old father of his rival.

The duel was started in a very strong style by Tańula, who immediately attacked his rival. He was hitting him, and he was trying to defend himself with a clinch! Muran held on. Murański survived the storm of blows and impressed the fans. He didn’t attack, but he defended himself well. He only used kicks! After the first round, his face was already covered with blood.

In the second round, Murański continued with very strong kicks. Tańula went to the ground floor. He tried to smash his rival, but time ran out.

In the third match, Jacek Murański unexpectedly gained the advantage! Not for long, because after a while Tańula overthrew him. On the ground floor, Mateusz’s father … bit his competitor!

In addition, he repeatedly grabbed the net. In the fourth round, judge Piotr Jarosz decided that he had exceeded the limit and disqualified the 52-year-old!

The winner was not satisfied with the course of the confrontation and left the Roman cage after the end of the battle. The interview was given by Jacek Murański, who was booed by the public. He entered the cage with a serious injury.

The match was extremely interesting. It will go down in combat sports history as one of the craziest fights.

It was the gala’s main fight. Previously, the winners were, among others, Kasjusz Życiński, Kacper Błoński and Piotr Piechowiak.

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