Fame MMA 12. Najman about Murański: This man cannot fight

The fight of the evening during the Fame MMA 12 gala was met with great interest of fans. Firstly, the match took place in a 3×3 meter Roman cage, and secondly, the opponents were Arkadiusz Tańula and Jacek Murański, who fought as a substitute for his son.

There was a lot of tension between the warriors from the very beginning, which only intensified after the gala. Murański lost the duel due to disqualification. The judge interrupted due to Tańcula’s bite and lack of reaction to comments about holding the net.

Shortly after the fight of the evening, Marcin Najman gave a comment on her. A former player of the Fame MMA federation alone a year ago lost the duel through disqualification. Now he criticized Mr. Jacek Murański.

“First of all, to call someone” master “you have to have reasons for it. I don’t see any here. If I were to judge this fight in a few words, I would say that what was supposed to happen happened. The fans saw two days before the fight. probably my statements, in which I clearly stated that there will be foul techniques. But I didn’t mean then that he would kick, for example, when he cannot kick. I was talking about fouls that are not allowed in any martial arts ” – Marcin Najman commented on the fight for MMAPLtv channel.

The Pięścirz also referred to Murański’s skills. After the fight, he admitted not only to a torn elbow bag, but also to a torn biceps, which was an injury that would additionally make it difficult for him to defend and inflict blows.

“Generally, he showed nothing. When it comes to skill, he showed nothing. We’ve been hearing about those legendary elbows for a year. He hasn’t moved a single one. This man can’t fight. He collected everything on his head. Every blow delivered by Ark landed on his head. There was no such clean blow to the chin or the temple. If so, it would be a heavy knockout. Arek was dealing blows in series and these blows simply bombarded him “- added Najman.


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