Fanny López Exposes Glorious Angle and Enjoys It in the Sand

With her charm in the foreground, the beautiful driver from Sinaloa unleashed low passions full of sand and sitting open

Making her curves come to the fore, the beautiful Sinaloan television host Fanny López, managed to get all the attention on social networks after showing off her body in a very tiny swimsuit while enjoying the sand.

And it is that the famous girl originally from Los Mochis Sinaloa, has not stopped sweeping networks with her sculptural anatomy, since she has even been compared to the famous Girl of the Climate Yanet García, by delighting the pupil with those measures that disturb the looks.

It was through her official Instagram account that Fanny López shared a couple of exquisite and wonderful postcards were with great joy under the rays of the sun caressing her skin, the influencer placed herself in a daring position exposing a striking and colorful angle, letting it be all its splendor will be even more in the foreground.

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So modeling for the camera lens and looking towards the horizon, the 22-year-old girl was crowned on social networks by showing off those splendid impact curves by wearing the colorful lycra with a color design that undoubtedly some made a fabulous contrast to her tanned figure.

This is how the beautiful radio host was quickly placed under the spotlight, who without a bit of regret managed to get more than 33 thousand ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, increasing the number of followers who gave their good ‘eyeball’ by snooping on their profile.

Well, with an open sitting full of sand and relaxing the charm on the beach of Nuevo Vallarta is how she positioned herself and as one of the women who has managed to stay the most in the hearts of Mexicans.

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