Fans are excited to see ENHYPEN finally meet professional League of Legends players

ENHYPEN members met Korean League of Legends (LoL) professional player Faker. The player is widely acclaimed in the e-sports field and plays for SK Telecom’s T1 team. No wonder K-pop boy bands also admire Faker, especially Heeseung, who has always wanted to meet the player.

Back in 2022, in the 42nd episode of the ENHYPEN variety show, EN-O’Clockwhen asked what bite me Regarding what the singers wanted to do in the next episode of the program, Heesheng responded readily:

“Meet Faker.”

Fans who knew Heeseung was a League of Legends master were delighted to see him meet his idol.

Now that ENHYPEN finally got to meet the esports legend, fans are reminiscing and taking the video back. Meanwhile, in the new EN-TER key video, Heeseung can be seen introducing himself as a long-time fan of Faker, having watched his games since middle school. He even received praise from Faker himself for being a platinum-level player.

One ENGENE (ENHYPEN fan) reacted to the heartwarming interaction, writing:

‘I’m happy for them’: ENGENES reacts to ENHYPEN’s meeting with League of Legends ace Faker

youtube cover

ENHYPEN and Faker (aka Lee Sang-hyeok) shared some adorable moments from the latest video from the group’s EN-TER Key series on YouTube.

The two parties first introduced themselves and exchanged pleasantries. Members of the celebrity group including Jake, Heeseung and Jay recalled watching their games in the past, while members Jungwon and Ni-ki revealed that they are not League of Legends players.

The BELIFT boy group also had to film their current hits sweet venom Faker takes on TikTok as part of Samsung ad They shot again and again to get the perfect result, and coincidentally, the silent moves they choreographed with their index fingers were exactly the same as the player’s signature pose. The boys also taught him some moves.

Additionally, Heesung reached his peak fan moment by asking for a match with his favorite person and sharing that his lifelong wish was to play with him. The members confidently chose the 22-year-old idol for their first match against Faker, while the former was visibly nervous.

When the game between fans and idols begins, the other members’ eyes are focused on their respective computer screens. Heeseung’s expression was tense and focused as Faker played expertly. The League of Legends player claimed that he lost to Heeseung, who couldn’t believe he beat his idol.

It was an unforgettable moment when Faker admitted that the ENHYPEN member was a good player. Later, Heeseung can be seen wondering if the esports giant is going easy on him some.

In the video, other members take turns playing against the four-time League of Legends world champion. Finally, they shook hands with Faker, who not only presented jerseys to all T1 members, but also signed them personally.

Clips of the exchange between the K-pop septet and Faker continue to go viral on social media. Fans of the K-pop band reacted to some of the memorable moments in the video.

ENHYPEN releases their expanded game orange blood November 17, 2023. The album has since received positive feedback from listeners. at the same time, sweet venom Songs from the EP have become popular recent TikTok challenges, in which the members are seen collaborating with other K-pop idols.

Additionally, shortly after publishing, orange blood No. 1 on the Circle Album Chart and No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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