Fans react to hilarious GTA San Andreas mod

While fans eagerly await the next trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, following on from the well-received first trailer, some pranksters are capitalizing on the hype to keep the community laughing. A video has surfaced on the internet showing what appears to be a modified clip of Fortnite. The game plays similarly to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, with Fortnite’s base-building and PvP mechanics.

The video also appears to have a frame that appears to have been uploaded by Rockstar Games, titled “Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 2.” People on the internet found it hilarious, with the post viewed more than 28,000 times on X.

This article provides more information about this GTA mod.

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Fans dub funny GTA San Andreas video GTA 6 trailer 2

User Casaoui (@Casaoui_2) on X posted a video showing modified gameplay of Fortnite to make it look like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The original video was made by YouTuber Brux, who has made several such videos in which he recreates other games from Fortnite.

The video was made using a custom server, to which they added part of the San Andreas map, as well as characters and NPCs like Carl “CJ” Johnson, Big Smoke, Ballas Gang members, and random pedestrians.

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Someone recently captured this video and edited it to look like a Rockstar Games video, with the title saying it’s the second trailer for GTA 6. Fans loved the meme and their reactions were hilarious. One user confirmed this was true, albeit sarcastically.

Another fan simply called it a “GTA meets Fortnite mashup.”

Another hilarious comment from user X sarcastically suggested that this is what GTA 6 should be like.

The original video shows a little more than what’s shown in the meme. It starts with CJ in the same lane where Grand Theft Auto San Andreas started, and then he starts beating up some Baras. Big Smoke arrives with a car and CJ gets in it to kill more Barras.

It also switches to Big Smoke’s perspective, where he’s building a structure like in Fortnite. He even performed a victory dance after killing a Baras player.

Rockstar last month released the official trailer for GTA 6, which is set to be released in 2025. Since then, the hype surrounding the game has only grown, with fans awaiting a second video. Some people have been busy predicting when the gameplay trailer will be released and when the game will finally be released. However, all fans can do for now is wait for more news from Rockstar.

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