Farewell to Claudio Giannelli, former head of Gastroenterology at San Camillo – Health

The San Camillo loses one of its primary historians. Claudio Giannelli, director of the UOC Gastroenterology of the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital passed away yesterday afternoon, at the age of 75, until 2017, when he retired. The hospital communicates this in a note. “He left us a very beautiful person, a Master, a kind man, reserved and apparently shy but tenacious in the adversity that life has reserved for him – it is the Company’s farewell -. Available to listen, he always had a word of comfort to the needy, always taking care of them to the best of his abilities and without ever discriminating. We are proud to have collaborated with him for so many years and for this reason his absence will be greater “. Having grown up professionally in the hospital since the first years after his graduation from La Sapienza University in 1972, Giannelli is remembered by his colleagues “for his very high ethical and professional sense and the profound humanity shown in the doctor-patient relationship”. A career in the Bassi Pavilion of San Camillo, the place where the first division of this specialty was born in Italy, in 1960. This is where Artificial Clinical Nutrition, Digestive Pathophysiology and Gastroenterological Rehabilitation of digestive disabilities were born. A legacy of which Giannelli was proud and with respect to which he proved to be a perfect interpreter and prosecutor. He was also an avid collector of memorabilia from the early days of gastroenterology. Despite a serious illness that arose only a few months ago, until the end Giannelli continued to collaborate by making available his vast clinical experience.