farewell to music and cinema are ready


Since childhood in the spotlight, the former Disney starlet is now determined to say goodbye to the world of showbiz to move on

Selena Gomez ready to retire. Ready to say goodbye to music, Hollywood, the spotlight and gossip. The 30-year-old, who has worked since she was a child, dreams of a different future. Which? A future as a wife and mother. The Mexican-born star has publicly stated recently that starting a family is essential for her and that in order to realize this desire for her, she is intent on putting aside her international career.

Selena Gomez admitted that the support of the fans, the love of the people, and her career path give her a lot of love and great satisfaction every day. However it’s time to fulfill other wishesmore intimate and private. “I dream of getting married and having children”he told the back generation Giving podcast. “In the end I will get tired of all this, I think I will devote myself to family and philanthropy”has explained.

Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend came to make this momentous decision after watching her grow up little sister Gracie, the baby girl her mother Mandy had eight years ago with her current husband, Brian Teefy. Selena’s parents divorced when Gomez was just five years old. The artist also has another sister, Victoria, born in 2014 from the second marriage of her father.

Selena has a very close relationship with Gracie, the two have appeared together on the red carpet several times, and Gomez has been a sort of second mother for the little girl. Just watching her grow up strengthened even more in her young woman her maternal instinct, which today appears more important than all the rest of her. Sel confided that she would like to have at least four children.

At the moment, however, nothing is known of the private life of Selena Gomez. After the troubled relationship with the aforementioned Bieber and the one-year relationship with the singer The Weeknd, the former Disney starlet has not appeared in public with anyone anymore. In recent months, she has been rumored of a liaison with colleague Nat Wolff but her gossip has never been confirmed.

On vacation in Italy a few days ago Selena Gomez was pinched aboard a yacht in the company of Italian-Canadian producer Andrea Iervolino but the nature of their relationship has never been clarified. But one thing is certain: Selena’s future is more far from the scene than ever.

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