FBI Most Wanted 3 on Italia 1, cast and programming

The hunt for criminals knows no end on Italia 1, from tonight Thursday 11 August debuts the third season of FBI: Most Wanted directly at the end of the second season finale. An evening not to be missed for fans of the TV series which then continues on Thursday evening with two episodes a week. At the moment it has not been indicated when the season will stop but being consisting of 22 episodes, they will hardly all be broadcast continuously also because they would end in November. It is easier to imagine a division into blocks with the second part that will resume perhaps next summer. The episodes are also available in streaming on demand on Mediaset Infinity.

FBI: Most Wanted 3 storyline

FBI: Most Wanted is the first spinoff made by the FBI, it chronicles the investigation of an elite FBI team that hunts down the most wanted criminals. The third season starts from a cliffangher that takes place in the finale of the second season and which directly involves the protagonist Jess LaCroix. In the following episodes we return to the classic formula with the different episode cases.

FBI: Most Wanted 3 episodes

The episode of Thursday 11 August

3 × 01 Beyond Appearances: the episode is part of a crossover with FBI 4 and FBI International 1 (the two episodes have already been broadcast in Italy by Rai 2). Lacroix’s team is grappling with an investigation in which nothing is as it seems and which involves an international trafficking of minors sold to rich and powerful men who are then blackmailed. Furthermore, the investigation is linked to drug trafficking involving Mossad agents.

FBI: Most Wanted 3 cast

The third season of FBI: Most Wanted is full of changes since the first episode. In fact, after the season premiere Kellan Lutz who plays Agent Crosby leaves the series, a decision made by the actor partly caused by the death of his newborn daughter, in addition to the pandemic and the risk of losing his wife. In the third season, also, there will be Nathaniel Arcand interpreter of the agent Clinton Skye.

The most significant farewell, however, is that of the protagonist Julian McMahon who suddenly at the beginning of 2022 announced that he would leave the series of which he is the protagonist to pursue new professional goals. Among the novelties of the season, the addition of Alexa Davalos in the role of a new agent.

Julian McMahon as Jess LaCroix (until episode 14)
Kellan Lutz as Kenny Crosby (leaves at the end of the third season)
Roxy Sternberg is Sheryll Barnes
Keisha Castle-Hughes is Hana Gibson
Yaya Gosselin is Tali LaCroix daughter of Jess
Miguel Gomez as Ivan Ortiz (leaves at the end of the third season)
Terry O’Quinn is Byron LaCroix father of Jess
Alexa Davalos is Kristin Gaines
Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott (from episode 17)

The farewell of Julian McMahon

The decision of Julian McMahon to leave the TV series has blown away fans of the CBS procedural produced by Dick Wolf. His latest episode is the fourteenth aired in the US on March 8th. At the time of his farewell announcement McMahon stated “for several months with the producers we have been discussing about my character’s departure to allow me to pursue new goals in my career. […] I am extremely proud of the work done“.

The choice made to replace the actor is surprising. In fact, Dylan McDermott has been hired, who is present in the cast of Law & Order Organized Crime another TV series produced by Dick Wolf and ideally inserted in the same narrative universe of the FBI franchise, where he plays a villain Richard Wheatley. In episode 17 of FBI Most Wanted, the character of Remy Scott is introduced, the new leader of the elite task force that hunts down America’s most dangerous criminals.

FBI: Most Wanted the renewal

In recent months it has been renewed for another two seasons, thus reaching the fifth, thanks to an agreement between CBS which broadcasts the TV series in the USA (as well as the other two TV series of the FBI franchise) and Universal which produces the series with the Dick Wolf’s production house.

FBI: Most Wanted in streaming

The second season of FBI: Most Wanted aired in these weeks on Italia 1 in absolute premiere, is available on Mediaset Infinity for free. The first season is not available on any platform.

FBI: Most Wanted 3 programming

The new season of FBI: Most Wanted debuts on Thursday 11 August at 10:10 pm on Italia 1 immediately after the finale of the second season, from next week the appointment continues with two episodes a week.

FBI: Most Wanted and the hard life of the franchise in Italy

That of FBI is a successful franchise created by Dick Wolf and consists of 3 TV series: the first FBI, Most Wanted and FBI International. Although there are crossover episodes between the series, in Italy it is complicated to follow in fact the three TV series are divided between Rai 2 and Italy 1. The second Rai channel has both FBI and its second spinoff International, while Italia 1 is satisfied with Most Wanted. The hope for the viewer is to be able to recover them sooner or later on a single streaming platform, and who knows that the next arrival of Paramount + in Italy will not help in this sense.

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