Federica Pellegrini: “I have more breasts, without swimming my body is changing”

“By stopping swimming I knew my body would change. I was terrified of my metabolism, but my body adjusted well. At a certain point my breasts started to get rounder and it blew me away. So I said to myself: ‘ Incredible, I have breasts! ‘”. Federica Pellegrini he left racing for a year. And in the first months of her new life, she married the former coach in Venice Matteo Giunta. The end of grueling and continuous workouts is transforming her body. Or at least this is the impression of the Divine.

Federica Pellegrini: “Here’s how my body is changing”

Federica Pellegrini a Grace she recounted the changes she has noticed since she is no longer an athlete. “By doing less activity I am less hungry than before, so my weight has remained the same. But one thing is to train every day, do the gym three times a week and water ten times. It is one thing to do it two or three times a week or when you can. The body changes from a muscular point of view. ” Physical activity decreased considerably, the pectoral muscles gave way to softer shapes. “Not turning my arms in the water anymore, I noticed the change after three months. And it surprised me.”

Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, a yes pop. Weddings for a few are a crowd bath

by our correspondent Benedetta Perilli

Federica Pellegrini, Peking Express and the Swimming Academy

He also revealed future projects to Pellegrini magazine. Will participate in the program Rai “Beijing Express” and will work on an Academy that wants to find new talents in Italian swimming. “I feel this last adventure as mine, because it allows me to stay in my environment. There will be this passing of the baton between me and the new generations. I really believe in being able to pass on my passion for water and swimming”.

Venice, Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Come for a walk after the “yes”

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