Federico Negri, the young Italian who faces 8 years in prison in India for having crossed a bridge

He crossed a bridge that connects Nepal to India without paying a tax corresponding to about 40 euros, a figure that he had with him among other things. A lightness. For this reason he was arrested by the police in the district of Maharajganj, State of Uttar Pradeshm in the north of the Indian subcontinent, and now faces a minimum of two to a maximum of eight years of imprisonment. The charge is “illegal entry into India”.

Federico Negri, born in 1994, from Pozzolo Formigaro in the province of Alessandria, after a two and a half year trip first to China, then to Nepal, was returning to Italy: “I was appointed by the family to help Federico – says the lawyer Alessandro Claudio Falleti, Penelope Piemonte contact person -. Since mid-July, coordinating with an Indian colleague and the collaborator who speaks then, we have been following the evolution of the procedural situation. Federico did not know exactly where he was and the police denied the non-payment of a tax of 40 euros, therefore an unauthorized presence on the territory, with the risk of 2 to 8 years in prison “.

The legal pool is following the developments on a daily basis also with the Farnesina, “from which we ask even more support to help Federico get home”. The affair had been kept confidential in recent weeks, but given that the hopes of release are now over, it has been made public, thus further soliciting the involvement of the Foreign Ministry.

The concern of mother Silvana, sister Ilaria and father Guido is enormous. Federico Negri’s arrest dates back to 5 July, it has been a month and a half that they have not been able to contact him directly. The arrest was validated while a bail release was expected. The arrest took place over a month ago and in the meantime there have been three hearings. The first on July 16, the second on August 2 in which he trusted in the release following the payment of the bail, the last a few days ago that he unfortunately confirmed the state of arrest. Negri is not a fool, but a great travel expert in Eastern countries. He even visited 14 of them, often stopping for long periods, carrying out jobs that provided him with food and accommodation.

“Hi mom, I really want to go home. Right now I am crossing a bridge and soon I will enter India, all right don’t worry”: Federico Negri did not know that those would be the last words addressed to a family member before being arrested along with 6 other people whose nationality has not yet been disclosed.

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