Felipeh Campos compares himself to Beyoncé and accuses her of “cultural appropriation”

Felipeh Camposwho works alongside Sonia Abram at the “The afternoon is yours“, participated in a podcast last Wednesday (04), where he commented on several subjects. In an interview with “4TALKCAST“, the journalist decided to compare himself to Beyonce and accused the singer of “cultural appropriation” because of the hair color used by her during her career.

> Felipeh Campos is accused of racism after comment about Paulo André

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During the interview, Ana Paula Renault, Matheus Baldi and Paulinha Krauschewho present the podcast, asked to Felipeh about the racist comment the journalist made about Paulo Andre. After explaining himself and blaming the internet for the “cancellation” he suffered, the journalist decided to make a comparison to reinforce his opinion.

At this time, while talking about hair types and hairstyles, he decided to suggest a case and question the presenters’ opinion. For this, he compared himself to the Beyonceand stated that she should be accused of cultural appropriation, just as he is.

“You tell me one thing. If I put on a black power and go to a party, they stop me and accuse me of cultural appropriation. Now, why can Beyoncé wear a blonde wig?“, he asked.

Ana Paula Renault tried to reason with the journalist, and explained that it was a historic situation. Felipeh Camposhowever, did not let the presenter finish her speech. “I don’t care about history. I think the dick that hits Chico, hits Francisco”answered.

The presenter then recalled that as white people, they did not suffer the same prejudice as black people. “You don’t suffer prejudice for your hair or by the color of your eyes”argued Ana Paula.

“I suffer prejudice, don’t forget that I am a gay man and I never made my choices or my color, victimhood. And I never wanted to oppress the other for what I went through”, he pointed out.

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