Fendi: inauguration of the production center in Molini di Fermo

FERMO – Mayor Calcinaro: «An important step for the development and growth of the territory». Built with a total investment of about 12 million euros, the Polo will generate an increase in staff from 120 to about 300 employees and craftsmen

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Ribbon cutting this morning in Molini Girola for the New Factory Shoes made by Fendi. It was announced last year by the CEO of the well-known fashion and luxury brand, Serge Brunschwig, launching a project at Ipsia on the enhancement of artisan training. And the new production center is a reality. Inauguration outside took place in the presence of about 80 artisans who work in the plant to testify the new production reality.

From left Guido Castelli, Serge Brunschwig and Paolo Calcinaro

Present the CEO and the mayor Paolo Calcinaro who underlined how today was «a historic and important day for the extraordinary occasion that the Fendi brand, which we thank, gives to Fermo and the territory, to their future. An international brand that has chosen our city for its new production center is a source of pride, an important contribution to the development and growth of the territory, a sign of great importance in this period for the local economy. A great reality in the world of fashion that brings work, which collaborates with the world of school, which takes care of training and craftsmanship. Another heartfelt thanks to Fendi for having chosen Fermo and for having created this Polo ».

Representing the Marche Region was the councilor for the Budget Guido Castelli, who highlighted “the importance of an extraordinary project, in a fundamental industrial district like the one in Fermo, dedicated to footwear” remarking “the will of the company to wanting to bring creativity, production and innovation and the close connection of the group with the world of school to this territory ».

Present were the head teacher of Ipsia Annamaria Bernardini, and the regional councilors Marco Marinangeli and Andrea Putzu who highlighted how “this new production center represents an opportunity for the future for young people, a sign of hope for the sector and for the world. local production, and the testimony of the know-how of this territory which are internationally recognized ».

Words of appreciation for this new production reality that has taken root in the territory also came from the Councilor for Labor Policies of the Municipality of Fermo Annalisa Cerretani who stressed how “these investments are the lifeblood for the territory and for its future” and from municipal councilor Lucia Perticari who highlighted how these are «models and examples for the world of work, capable of generating important employment opportunities».

With the start of the works in April, Fendi created the Fendi New Factory Shoes, which is a new production, development and research center dedicated to footwear in the industrial area of ​​Molini di Tenna, in the municipality of Fermo.

Made with a total investment of about 12 million euros, largely destined for innovative projects to adapt production to the new needs of the market, the new production plant will represent a pole of economic growth for the province of Fermo and the Marche, generating an increase in staff from 120 to about 300 employees and artisans.

The project, which saw the transfer of the previous footwear production factory active in Porto San Giorgio for over 10 years, also involved a significant technological development, since the structure was equipped with the most modern systems and machinery.

At the end of the morning, the mayor of Fermo, Paolo Calcinaro donated a glass plaque to Fendi CEO Serge Brunschwig with one of the symbols of the city, the Sala del Mappamondo.


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