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The scenographer Dante Ferretti, born in 1943, three Oscars and ten nominations, and Francesca Lo Schiavo, his wife, as many Oscars and nominations, are in fact a record couple who at the Filming Italy Sardegna Festival once again proves that one can be great and simple at the same time.

Interviewing them is a pleasure because, among other things, they are certainly not lacking in spirit. What has changed in Hollywood? “I am a bit perplexed – replies Francesca Lo Schiavo – for what is happening, because certain things should be taken for granted in an artistic profession like ours. Why then underline in this way, even with violence, the disparities of ethnicity and sexual orientation? wary of this new trend that when you make a film you have to put a black man and a man of a different sexual orientation in history. One thing the latter is becoming too binding. Just think of the huge statue of an Oscar that the Academy put gay pride in the lead at Los Angeles. I find all this exaggerated. The important thing is to write good stories. “

The most important film? “The first made with Pasolini, or the GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW. I remember having chosen many places to go around the stones of Matera, including that of the crucifixion of Jesus “. And again Ferretti on Pasolini: “He was a poet, a writer, a genius and he knew people very well. He was treated badly because homosexual has now been rediscovered by everyone as an artist. I owe everything to him.” Nostalgia for the past? “No, not at all – says Lo Schiavo -: we are happy to have had so many opportunities that today are difficult to have. Apart from Sorrentino, Garrone and very few other directors are interested in creating stories that come to life thanks to environments that help make the film credible. acting of the actors “.

Which Oscar made you happier? “The first in 2005 for THE AVIATOR by Scorsese. They never won, friends now made fun of us after the many nominations. We didn’t want to show up in Los Angeles that year, thinking we wouldn’t get the Oscar this time either. But Scorsese said we had to go there. We arrived unprepared. So much so that when Halle Berry said our names, we only managed to say a few words of thanks. “What about Scorsese’s latest film, KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON?” We were preparing it in Oklahoma – explains Lo Schiavo – when the pandemic has arrived and the film’s departure has been postponed. So Scorsese decided to change his entire work team. We had prepared a wild environment which then turned, from what we know, into a western “. And still on this film Ferretti:” Scorsese first sent me a long email telling me that nothing was done anymore, and then another to underline the great esteem for me. The whole planning had been decided, including the shots, and suddenly everything was blown. “No phone calls?” We never talk to each other on the phone. We have only ever met during the making of his films. In all these years there has never been such a strong friendship that we have had to call “.

What’s in the future of the couple? “We leave for Japan for the LA BOHEME, of which I also direct – says Ferretti -. I’m doing sets, costumes and directing as well WERTHER for the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa and they called me to do AIDA at the Verona Arena for next season. While on the cinema front we should make four American films, one also to be shot in Cinecittà, where a major set reconstruction work is planned. Then there is a film about Federico Fellini, to which we care a lot for obvious reasons, which however has been postponed to the end of the year. Next year we will work on Uberto Pasolini’s L’Odissea, a director we like very much. The film will be shot in Sardinia and Cinecittà “.

How did you meet? “In the summer in Sardinia, Francesca was a guest of Puny De André and we met for the first time at the inauguration of my house. We only discovered afterwards that we both lived in Rome in the Parioli, very close to each other and that we were parking our cars in the same garage without ever having met “.

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