Fiat creates a new customer experience for its customers

Fiat is getting closer and closer to its customers and today decides to introduce a great innovation, which aims to simplify the purchase of new vehicles. They will therefore only be provided three simple steps, easy to understand for any user, where everyone can then choose the desired model, color and pack.

That’s not all, because the new range structure of the Fiat brand was also simplified, to make it more usable than ever. Each model in fact offers a basic version, three packs of equipment and a variant defined as top of the range, for the most demanding customers. The same goes for the Fiat Professional range of light commercial vehicles, which follows exactly the same strategy. But let’s see in detail what it is.

Fiat alongside its customers

The Fiat and Fiat Professional brands, which are part of the Stellantis Group, have decided to simplify their ranges to allow all their interested customers to experience an even more immediate and intuitive customer experience. It is in fact the first time that the two brands have given their customers the opportunity to choose a new car or a new light commercial vehicle in just three simple steps, both for those who buy their vehicle online on the commercial website of the brands, and for those who opt for offline purchase at dealerships.

With the new Fiat range, all the customer has to do is simply decide the features he absolutely wants on his new car and then choose the model, color and equipment packs to configure his new vehicle. Three different packs of equipment are available (Style, Tech and Comfort), which reflect tastes and respond to the needs of Fiat customers. The packs have been created and designed in such a way as not to offer the same content on different versions. This then allows customers to combine packages with each other, without any particular restrictions or complications.

Simple but complete solutions for Fiat

That’s not all, because Fiat has decided to further satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers, and therefore to offer a simple but complete solution: a top-of-the-range version that represents the most equipped model of all, available on any model. present in the range. It is therefore a real version that we can define as full-optional and which includes all the contents of the te packs plus other features. As an example, we can cite the version top of the range offer on the New 500: ‘exclusive “La Prima by Bocelli”.

The Fiat Professional segment for the light commercial vehicles of the brand also adopts the same new logic of the range and develops, in a dedicated way, the concept of simplification applied by the Fiat brand. These vehicles will therefore be available in a single set-up but, given the complexity and specificity of each vehicle, the offer will include different types of bodywork and special packs to adapt the product to the different professional needs of customers.

The packs have been specially designed to meet the main categories – Capabilities and Conversion, Comfort and Functionalities, Safety and Driving Support and Style – and can also be enriched with individual equipment in order to create a tailor-made solution for the customer.


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