FIFA Ranking: The decline of Poles. The defeat with Hungary did its job. WC elimination

In September, Paulo Sousa’s team advanced from 27th to 24th position in the FIFA ranking, and in the following month – to 23rd place. The unexpected defeat with the Magyars, the consequences of which can be disastrous in the context of the fight to travel to Qatar for the world championship, also resulted in a drop in the ranking and a return to the place where the Poles were last in August.

Biało-Czerwoni is currently in 27th position. The Hungarians went up through the 39th position. Under the leadership of the Portuguese coach Robert Lewandowski and the company have defeated only three teams so far: Albania, Andorra and San Marino. In the latest FIFA ranking, they occupy the following places: 66th, 155th and last, 210.

The Belgians remain in the first position, with Brazil and the French still behind their backs. The next places are occupied by the British and Argentinians (both teams promoted by one place) and Italians (drop by two), Spaniards, Portuguese, Danes and the Dutch (the last two teams promoted by one position).

Top of the FIFA ranking – as of November 19, 2021: (the position in the previous ranking in brackets):

  • 1. (1.) Belgium 1828 points
  • 2. (2.) Brazil 1826
  • 3. (3.) France 1786
  • 4. (5.) England 1755
  • 5. (6.) Argentina 1750
  • 6. (4.) Italy 1740
  • 7. (7.) Spain 1704
  • 8. (8.) Portugal 1660
  • 9. (10.) Denmark 1654
  • 10. (11.) Netherlands 1653
  • 27 (23) Poland 1530

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