Fifty Shades Black as the film ends with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Fifty Shades Black as the film ends with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Fifty shades of black is a 2017 film starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson: how the third and final chapter of Fifty Shades of Gray?

In 2017, the sequel to the expected film version of Fifty Shades of Gray, born from the literary success of the erotic novel of the same name by EL James. The direction of the second chapter of the saga, entitled Fifty shades of blackwas entrusted to the direction of James Foley (House of Cards: The Intrigues of Power), reconfirming in the cast the protagonists Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, with the addition of some new entries among which Bella Heatcote, Rita Ora and Kim Basinger.

In the first chapter, we had witnessed the birth of the difficult relationship between the rich and mysterious Christian Gray and the young and shy Anastasia Steele, but in the final the girl had decided to terminate their relationship, after discovering the sexual perversions of the man. Things, of course, are about to change in Fifty shades of black.

Fifty Shades of Black: the film’s ending

Anastasia and Christian reunite, but things continue to be far from easy: the girl discovers some more private and shocking aspects of the man’s life, from the close relationship that still exists between him and the dominatrix Elena Lincoln, up to the strange story of Leila Williams, an ex-submissive of Christian’s who has had a nervous breakdown and feels a visceral jealousy of Anastasia. Furthermore, the girl must see her with the annoying advances of Jack Hyde, her new boss: when the latter’s company is bought by Christian, he intervenes to help Anastasia and fires Jack.

The situation will reach a new breaking point, convincing Christian to confess his secrets and trauma to Anastasia and seriously promise her to change. For this reason, the man asks her to marry him, but she the girl she is not sure she wants to take this step. But she changes her mind soon after, when an accident on a business trip in a helicopter makes her fear for a moment that Christian is dead.

In the finale of Fifty shades of blackwe meet at Christian’s birthday party, with Anastasia facing Elena and distances her from her man: Christian recognizes that the woman taught him “to fuck”, but Anastasia taught him “to love”, so he asks her again to marry him and this time she accepts.

But things for the couple, in the third and final chapter of the saga, will not get on an easy path at all: as the fireworks explode in the sky, Jack watches the celebrations from afar and swears revenge against Anastasia and Christian.

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