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The protagonist of Fifty Shades of GrayDakota Johnson, confesses how difficult the experience on the set of the film that brought her fame was for her.

Fifty Shades of Grayfor Johnson it was “chaos”

Fifty Shades of Gray it was one of the big blockbusters of the 21st century.
Despite the unflattering judgment of international criticsthe film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnsonhas cashed more than $ 570 million worldwide, giving rise to a trilogy capable of exceeding a billion dollars at the global box office. A successful son of the fame of the series of books on which the films, written by EL James and capable of selling over 125 million copies and being translated in 52 countries.

He owes his fame to that film Dakota Johnson, which today returns to talk about it in an interview for the cover story of the US edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Words, those of Johnson, that tell a problematic process to say the leastwhich influenced the final result of the film.

“The contract I signed was for a very different film than the one we actually made. During the audition, they made me read a monologue from Person by Ingmar Bergmanso I thought we were going to do something really special. “

For Johnson, one of the biggest culprits for the confusion on set was the cumbersome presence of the author of the novels EL James.

He had a lot of creative control. He was there every day and every single day he demanded that certain things happen in the film. There were some parts of the books that wouldn’t work in a movie, thoughlike the inner monologue that doesn’t work if you say it aloud and that, in fact, in some cases was really poor ”.

“It was complete madness but I have no regrets”

Johnson recently told of her own doubts about his participation in the film and as an advice from my colleague and friend Emily Blunt helped her decide to play Anastasia Steele.
The actress admits that she does not regret this decision, despite a decidedly complicated and chaotic process.

“I was young, I was only 23, and so I was scared of how crazy everything was. I never wanted to talk about it, because we always try to promote a film in the best way and, in the end, I am proud of the result we have achieved. But it was really complicated, there were constant differences. We shot the scenes the way EL James wanted them, and then we shot them again the way we wanted them. Every night, I rewrote the dialogue of the scenes and I would add a few lines here and there. It was chaos. But I don’t regret anything. Of course, I doubt that anyone who knew what kind of experience it was going to be would have agreed to be a part of it. It was a psychotic situation“.

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