Fight kidnapping, find missing children with Amber Alert of Facebook

Against child abduction, finding missing children through activating the emergency alert function Amber Alert of Facebook is the way the South African Police Force (SAPS) will do from December 6-12.

SAPS said the Amber Alert function in this country can only be activated at the request of SAPS, not by members of the community or non-governmental organizations. Cases of missing children should be reported to the police for assistance activating Amber Alert.

After receiving the report, the National Office of the Missing of SAPS will send an email to activate Amber Alert to the international headquarters of Facebook and this department will transmit notices to all Facebook users within the radius. 160km from geolocation coordinates, where the child was last seen.

After that, the emergency alert Amber Alert will be maintained for the next 24 hours or until law enforcement cancel the alert. The public may telephone any incident related to the SAPS by telephone via the hotline.

According to SAPS, in order to be assisted by the police to send a request to activate Amber Alert to Facebook, the requestor must fill out the necessary information according to the forms given by the police, providing the latest photos of missing children and any Any other supporting information such as a description of the suspect. The SAPS National Office of Missing People has published a hotline and email to serve the request to activate the emergency alert Amber Alert.

Facebook now works with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States to issue similar warnings to Facebook users in the country. Emergency alerts, including photos and details of missing children, are sent to Facebook users’ news streams.

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