Filipe Ret responds to a comment that compares him to Beyoncé and receives criticism on social networks: ‘Que mico’

Filipe Ret received several criticisms and stings after sharing a comment on social networks.

The Brazilian artist reproduced on Twitter the message of an internet user who compared his work with that of singer Beyoncé.

“Filipe Ret’s album is better than Beyoncé’s, but you are not prepared for this conversation”, read the comment about the projects.

Ret recently released the album LIGHTwhile Beyoncé is working the renaissance.

When reposting the message, the rapper only put the name of the album itself, along with emojis of a surprised face and a heart.

“Guys, what comparison is this?”, asked a follower. “He swears he’s the Brazilian Eminem,” quipped another netizen.

“And you still RT? It’s hard to defend yourself. There’s no room for stardom in rap”, criticized another Twitter user. Even the artist’s own fans decided to express themselves: “Then you got hard on the joke, life”. “What a mico, love, erase, go”, asked another admirer.

After all the negative reactions, Ret spoke up, implying that it was all a joke. “You’re taking it seriously lol You guys freak out more than me, let’s face it.”

“He retreated because he felt the rajadão”, provoked an internet user. “It scared the fans of the pop divas. Even you didn’t believe it,” wrote another profile on the web.

In response to another follower, Ret said that “it passed”, but that followers took the message seriously, when in fact it was not supposed to be like that.

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