Films about adolescence: the most beautiful and meaningful

What are the movies about adolescence to watch at least once in a lifetime?

Here is a list of films that have marked the history of cinema focused on the horse age between twelve and eighteen years of age.

Let’s discover how teenage love stories, friendships and the world of school have been investigated by cinema with this selection of feature films among the most significant and exciting.

The best movies about adolescence not to be missed

What are the films about adolescence that have won a place of honor among children and cinema experts? Here are the timeless classics:

  • The Goonnies: a great classic of children’s cinema, this film from the 80s narrates the friendship of a group of friends facing a great adventure that will make them grow. Among the films on adolescence on Netflix, the Goonies is a film that ironically tells the delicate transition to adulthood.
  • Girls and Beverly Hills: What is it like to be a beautiful and rich girl in 90s California? This is the ideal film to find out.
  • Wasted Youth. This super classic of American cinema narrates the adolescence of the 50s and the anxieties to which its protagonists seem to be condemned.
  • Dead Poets Society: a masterpiece with actor Robin Williams, the film tells the intense relationship between a professor and his students.
  • The Harry Potter saga: from the books by JK Rowling, these films tell the magical story of Harry Potter and his friends, dealing with the evil Voldemort.
  • Stand by me.
  • hunger games.

Movies about adolescence and love


Love is one of the central topics among the dedicated films to adolescence.

In this age, in fact, it often assumes a special importance, so much so that the stories that are lived in these years are often remembered for a long time. These are the most emotional and touching films that have love and sex as their theme.

  • The fault in our stars: one of the saddest love films about adolescence, it tells the story of two sick boys who find themselves happy together.
  • Twlight: the love saga between a normal girl and a vampire.
  • Moonrise Kingdom: Wes Anderson’s masterpiece, tells a bizarre and original love story between two boys.
  • Yours, Simon: Between the beautiful films about adolescence and the difficult subject of coming out, this film explores the love between boy and boy in a delicate and emotional way.
  • Call me by your name: directed by Luca Guadagnino, a sophisticated comedy about same-sex love.
  • Pretty in Pink: Straight from the 80s, this iconic film chronicles the difficult years of adolescence.
  • Boyhood.

Films about difficult adolescence

Dramatic stories or adolescence marked by a difficult relationship with parents, these are some of the themes addressed by the films we have selected on difficult adolescence.

  • The Garden of the Virgin Suicides. The film investigates the family relationships between the Lisbon sisters and their parents in 1970s America.
  • Interrupted girls. Starring Wynona Rider and Angelina Jolie, this masterpiece of American cinema deals with the intense friendship between two girls admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
  • We, the kids from the Berlin Zoo. Based on a true story, this gritty and merciless film portrays the plight of teenagers dealing with the explosion of the heroin phenomenon in 1970s West Berlin.
  • We are infinite. Film with Emma Watson set in 1991.
  • Precious. A story centered on dramatic and touching domestic violence.
  • Sweet sixteen. Bittersweet film directed by Ken Loach.
  • elephant. Inspired by a true story, it tells of a massacre that took place in an American high school.

Movies for girls about adolescence

A selection of the most beautiful films dedicated to girls and adolescents. First crushes, friends, the desire to break free from the family, the school environment. How to survive adolescence while having fun:

  • Time for apples: a great classic of adolescent cinema, this French film from the 80s tells the story of Vic, a Parisian girl struggling with her first loves.
  • Mean Girls: this film deals with the ruthless world of American high schools, between social pressure and the desire to conform to the group.
  • Lady bird: for girls with an intimate nerd who feel out of place in the school and family environment.
  • 17 years (and how to get out of it alive): the relationship between two teenage friends who gradually grow up together.
  • Grease: iconic 70s musical that made John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John successful.
  • 10 things I hate about you.
  • 4 friends and a pair of jeans.
  • Caterina goes to the city: the story of a provincial girl who arrives in the big city.
  • Little Women.
  • Easy girl: with Emma Stone
  • I dance alone. By Bernardo Bertolucci

Italian films about adolescence

Even Italian cinema has produced small masterpieces of cinema. These are the most beautiful dedicated to adolescence:

  • Night before the exams: this film has achieved great success with the public, describing the days close to graduation of a group of friends in Rome in the 80s.
  • Favolacce: dramatic film that restores all the loneliness and disorientation of Italian teenagers.
  • Three meters above the sky.
  • Like you no one ever: a classic of Italian adolescent cinema, tells the story of the young Silvio Muccino struggling with work at school and love.
  • White like milk, red like blood. From the novel by Alessandro D’Avenia.
  • Shawl!
  • Flower

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