Find out what Kourtney’s kids think about their mother’s affectionate exchanges with Travis

During this Thursday, May 19, episode of The Kardashiansspectators watched Penelope Disick tell the mother what she really thinks about the couple’s kissing. The heartfelt moment happened while Kourtney and her 9-year-old daughter were playing ping pong. Travis then walked in, and Kourt wrapped her arms around him to give him a kiss.

“Mommy! No kisses!”said Penelope.

Despite Kourtney saying she wanted “just one” kiss from her love, P said no.. “Sorry”, replied Travis. Kourtney then asked her daughter: “What about our certificates you gave us?” However, Penelope still said “no”.

And she wasn’t the only one to voice her opinion. Later in the episode, Kourtney and Travis had a family dinner with Penelope, their other son. Reign Disickage 7, and Travis’ children, Alabama Barker16 years old, Landon Barker18 years old, and Atiana De La Hoya23 years old (in addition to Penelope and Reign, Kourtney shares 12-year-old son, Mason Disickwith your ex Scott Disick). And when the founder of poosh and the drummer of blink 182 started to cuddle at the table, Reign couldn’t contain his reaction about the “tongue kisses”.

Check out what Reign said and Travis’ response in the video above!

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