Fire in Empoli: queues and inconvenience in Fipili, houses threatened. Two illnesses / VIDEO

Empoli, 5 August 2022 – Fear in Empoli due to two fires, one that developed in the Terrafino area and another that broke out in the area of ​​the Empoli sud ring road and which suddenly took effect. Discomfort for Fipili, first closed and then reopened. The smoke has in fact invaded the road and there were no safe conditions for traffic. 9:54 pm: Fire extinguishing operations in progress. Following the fire some shacks and a car were destroyed. On site 3 teams for remediation in addition to Aib personnel from the Tuscany region. 9:49 pm: The Terrafino fire is currently under control. The Fipili is open to traffic towards Livorno, while the lane towards Florence remains closed between Empoli Centro and Empoli Est due to the reclamation of an area where there are plants damaged by the fire. 21.10: Mayor Barnini: “In a few hours our firefighters had to face three fires, there are no words to thank them. And together with them the whole civil protection system, starting with the municipal police and the VAB. traffic problems related to the closure of the freeway junctions “. 9.05 pm: the fire can be said to be tamed. “Now the reclamation begins”, says Mayor Brenda Barnini, who has personally followed the evolution of the situation. 8.39 pm: helicopters fly over the heads of motorists queuing on the Fipili, discharging water onto the burning vegetation. 8.30 pm: the fight against fire continues. The fields beside the Fipili have become an impressive charred expanse. 20.17: Mayor Brenda Barnini updates via Facebook. “Empoli Centro, two helicopters are on site and the firefighters are busy preventing the fire from reaching a group of houses. The area …

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