firm condemnation for further violations by Putin-

from Monica Guerzoni

The premier: with the sanctions disruptive effects, the war in Moscow is an attack on Western values. And then: The referendums for the independence of Donbass are a further violation of international law that we strongly condemn

NEW YORK – Moscow’s war against Kiev is an attack on Western values. And the culprit of the food, energy and economic crisis that the conflict has triggered has a name and a surname: Vladimir Putin.The Italian premier scans it with a severe tone in front of the UN General Assembly,
forte del award for the best world statesman of the year.
received Monday evening from the foundation Appeal of Consciencewith laudatio from former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Hardest Dragons. And if Giorgia Meloni claims that our enemies are not as isolated as they seem, the arguments of the former ECB president aim to isolate Putin, until he decides to return to respect for the principles that Russia chose to subscribe to in 1945. The Tsar’s escalation requires a choice of camp: The referendums for the independence of the Donbass are a further violation of international law that we strongly condemn.

Since February 24, our eyes have seen bombings on cities, abuses of civilians and children and the attempt to subjugate a free and sovereign democracy that has reacted with pride and courage to defend its independence, its freedom. Putin’s moves frighten and shake the Italian parties a few days after a decisive vote for the position of Italy. But Draghi strongly sculpts Italy’s geopolitical position and pushes away from it the shadow of a populist or sovereign government, which looked indulgently in the direction of the Kremlin.

He does not seem to have doubts, he feels he has placed our country on the right side of history: Helping Ukraine to protect itself was the only choice consistent with the ideals of justice and brotherhood that are the basis of the United Nations Charter. A warning also on the internal level, intended for those who think they can shorten the road that separates Italy from the autocracies of the East.

For the president there is only one way and that of an international system based on the rules of multilateralism. NATO, the EU, the G7. Any other geopolitical location would be a gamble and would not be of interest to the Italians. Yes to sanctions, because they have had a disruptive effect on the Russian war machine. Yes to arms, because they allowed the heroic counter-offensive of the Zelensky people. And therefore no to the positions of Salvini and Conte. The distant peace. But Italy remains at the forefront to try to reach an agreement. Cooperation is key and, as a state to unblock ships with Ukrainian grain, it must be to demilitarize the area of ​​the Zaporizhzhia power plant: We cannot risk nuclear catastrophe. Multilateralism, solidarity, responsibility. These are the weapons of Draghi to react to Putin, who attacked the peaceful coexistence between our nations.

In the morning, after the opening of the event Youth for Climate promoted by Minister Roberto Cingolani, the president had stopped to greet the high school students of the classic Antonio Canova from Treviso. A handshake to each student and then, when the professors invite him to visit them in Veneto, the former president of the ECB tears laughter: I am happy to come, I will have a lot of free time. In reality, the outgoing premier does not seem to want to retire to private life. The American agenda full of top-notch meetings, from former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg to the president of the United States. There are no confirmations, but Draghi and Biden could talk to each other today, at the UN.

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