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THE VIRTUS BOLOGNA WON! Great performance by Sergio Scariolo’s team, which gets its second victory in the Euroleague. This is truly an extraordinary blow for Bologna.


92-95 Musa scores the first. He must be mistaken for the second.

Mickey does it on Musa. Missing a second at the end.



Stunning throw-in by Virtus, who manages to lose seven seconds on the action. Theodosic in the lunette. There are seven seconds left.

91-93 Hezonja from three points. Incredible Real never gives up.

88-93 Two free by Coordinier.

Fifth Foul by Deck on Coordinier.

88-91 Yabusele is not wrong. 29 seconds to go.

87-91 Yabusele crushes and scores with Mickey’s foul. Here the long of Virtus is naive.


Mickey risks a lot and almost breaks through on Deck. The referees pardon him and whistle two free shots.

85-89 Two free from Tavares. There are 46 seconds to go.

83-89 THEODOSIIIIIIIC! The Serbian finds two fundamental points.

Llull’s triple does not enter! A minute and a half to go!

83-87 Deck scores in penetration. Virtus timeout. It’s a complicated time for black Vs.

Luckily Musa misses the triple of -3.

81-87 Triple of Yabusele! Real don’t give up.

78-87 A free from Lundberg. 3.30 at the end.

78-86 The Argentine scores the extra free.

77-86 Deck scores with Coordinier’s foul.

The French unfortunately misses the free.

75-86 COOOOOOOOOORDINIEEEEEEEER! The play of this Euroleague round. Monstrous smash with Tavares foul.

75-84 Dunk of Tavares.

73-84 Triple from Deck Corner. Five minutes to go.

70-84 Nice support for the glass by Coordinier.

70-82 Triple of Musa.

67-82 JAAAAAAAAITEEEEEEH! Virtus flies to +15.

66-78 Cordinier for the +12. What a match for Scariolo’s team!

66-76 Inside Bako’s free. Virtus is on +10 in Madrid with 8 minutes left.

66-75 BAKOOOOOOOOOO! Resounding dunk of Virtus’ long and Poirier’s foul.

66-72 LUNDBERG! Score with Tavares foul! Sumptuous match of the former CSKA Moscow.

THE THIRD FOURTH ENDS! An amazing Virtus is six points ahead when entering the last ten minutes.

64-70 PAJOLAAAAA! Steal the ball and score the +6.

64-68 Two free by Bako.

64-66 Triple from Cordelie’s corner. 55 seconds to go.

61-65 Two free Decks for the Spanish -4.

59-65 Deck tears off the rebound in attack and finds the tap in offensive.

57-65 Teodosic marks the free of the technician.

57-64 Hackett arrest and shooting.

57-62 The usual Hezonja keeps Real attacked.


55-59 Two free of Deck.

53-59 Two free from Lundberg. Five minutes to the end of the third quarter.

53-57 Triple by Ojeleye!

53-54 Two free of Deck.

51-54 Jaiteh dominates under the scoreboards and signs the +3.

51-52 Two free throws by Ojeleye.

51-50 Deck Stopping and Shooting.


49-47 Taveres tears off the rebound and leans against the glass.

47-47 Placed by Jaiteh.

47-45 Musa’s penetration and pad.

45-45 LUNDBERG! He steals the ball and scores on hand.

45-43 Jaiteh’s nice basket in the picture.


THE SECOND FOURTH ENDS! Virtus is fully in the game in Madrid. Real are four points ahead with a wild 13-point Mario Hezonja. For Virtus there are 10 Bako points.

He fails the offensive tap in Weems.

45-41 Only one free for Teodosic.

Last pitch for Virtus.

45-40 Hezonja unleashed! Two other points of the Croatian.

43-40 Jaiteh scores with the semi-hook.

43-38 Triple of Hezonja.

40-38 Hackett arrest and shooting.

40-36 Two free from Tavares.

Beautiful block from Jaiteh on Deck. Two and a half minutes to go.

36-34 Lundberg scores the free kick of the coach whistled at the Real bench.

36-33 Mickey finds two more points on the scoreboard.

36-31 Poirier’s nice basket on Abalde’s assist.

34-31 Lundberg scores in penetration.

34-29 Real goes to Tavares and the long man finds two points.

32-29 Pajola signs the -3. Nice reaction from Virtus and timeout for Real.

32-27 Mickey turns well and finds the half-hook of -5.

32-25 Bako’s excellent impact in the match. Another offensive rebound and a dunk for Virtus’s -7.

32-23 Another arrest and shooting by Hezonja. Virtus timeout.

30-23 Triple by Theodosci.

30-20 Triple of Cornelie from the corner.

27-20 Bako dunk after Theodosic’s mistake.

27-18 Triple from Hezonja to open the second quarter.

THE FIRST FOURTH ENDS! Mild rhythms at the beginning of the game. Real Madrid lead by six points at the first siren.

24-18 A free from Tavares. Last pitch for Virtus.

23-17 Hezonja again with two points in penetration.

21-17 Weems! Triple!

21-14 Triple of Hezonja.

18-14 An excellent Bako makes no mistake from the line.

18-12 Triple from Cornelie’s corner.

15-12 Two at the Cordinier board.

15-10 Two free by Musa.

13-10 Theodosic stops and shoots.

13-8 Ojeleye fails to keep Deck who scores two more easy ones.

11-8 Musa’s entry pad. Three and a half minutes to the end of the first quarter.

9-7 Nice basket by Deck.

7-7 Bako dunk after a good action by Virtus.

7-5 Two free by Tavares, but above all Mickey’s second foul.

5-5 Tavares scores with Ojeleye’s foul. The long Cape Verdean, however, misses the free.

3-5 Lundberg with the left-handed pad.

2-3 Virtus is unlocked! Lundberg triple.

2-0 Two easy on the Deck of the board.

Two minutes without scoring.

Very heavy second foul by Jaiteh. Virtus loses its long after 45 seconds.

Tavares immediately stops Mickey.

8.44 pm: Euroleague anthem. Here we are.

8.42 pm: THERE WILL NOT BE SHENGELIA! Nothing to do for the Georgian who followed the team, but he will not play.

20.40: It’s time for the presentation of the two teams.

20.37: Sergio Rodriguez has been in the ranks of Real Madrid this season. The former Olimpia Milano played his last match in Italy against Virtus, in Game 6 that led to the Lombard Scudetto.

20.34: Return to Real Madrid too, which finds Adam Hanga. The Spaniards, however, will have to do without Fabien Causeur for plantar fasciitis in his right foot. Still absent Nigel Williams-Goss.

20.30: Virtus will meet Tornike Shengelia today. The Georgian returns to Scariolo’s disposal after he has missed the European Championships and the first part of the season. Certainly a very important return, but it is obviously necessary to understand how much the former CSKA MOsca will be able to play.

20.27: On the other side there is a Real Madrid that is going to alternating current. Record of 2-2 for the Spaniards, who lost, however small, in Barcelona and then at home to Olympiacos. The victories came with Panathinaikos and Stella Rossa.

20.23: Virtus is back from the double away defeat against Zalgiris and Partizan. In Lithuania, Bologna was in control of the game, but made a comeback in the last minute. In Serbia, on the other hand, Virtus collapsed from the first quarter and was no longer able to remedy it.

20.20: The perfect match will be needed by Scariolo’s team, which is hunting for the second victory of the season after the one against Bayern Munich.

8.15pm: Good evening let’s start the live broadcast of Real Madrid-Virtus Bologna.

Good evening, and welcome to LIVE LIVE by Real Madrid-Virtus Bologna, a match valid for the fifth day of the 2022-2023 Euroleague. Scariolo’s team is looking for a company on Spanish soil.

After the two consecutive defeats against Zalgiris and Partizan, Virtus Bologna tries to regain victory on one of the most complicated fields in Europe. We really need the perfect match for Teodosic and his teammates against Real Madrid, one of the teams aiming for the Final Four.

Bologna did not start the Euroleague well with three defeats in four games. The only victory came at home against Bayern Munich, but there are big regrets about the defeat of Kaunas, with the black Vs having the game in control, before suffering the comeback of the Lithuanians. However, Real are not shining very much, as they have already lost two games this season, albeit both by two points against Barcelona and Olympiacos, while they beat Panathinaikos and Stella Rossa.

The duo’s ball Real Madrid-Virtus Bologna, match valid for the fifth day of the Euroleague 2022-2023is scheduled at 20.45. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!

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