Flu vaccination for free. For whom?

According to the Ministry of Health, so far, persons entitled to free flu vaccinations were, inter alia, medics, pharmacists, teachers, soldiers and seniors. From November 23, in accordance with the new regulations, this option will be available to anyone who is 18 years of age at the latest on the day of vaccination.

“The flu season started in October and coincided with another wave of the increase in coronavirus infections, so we decided that every adult will be able to take care of their health in addition, it is enough to report to a selected vaccination point for vaccination” – says Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski.

What are the conditions for someone who wants to have the free flu vaccine?

Firstly – you do not need a prescription for the vaccine. All you need to do is report to the selected vaccination point and make an appointment. There are over 3,000 places where you can get the vaccine, so everyone will find a suitable place for themselves, close to where they live, work or stay. Their list is available HERE.

Before vaccination, however a statement on meeting the condition entitling to free vaccination should be supplemented (you can find them HERE), and then go to the doctor qualified for the procedure. Importantly, people without symptoms of acute infection and high fever should be vaccinated.

Influenza vaccinations will be administered through March 31, 2022 or while supplies from the Government’s Strategic Reserves Agency are exhausted.

Are you wondering if you can get the flu vaccine since you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 before? Or, are you planning to get a third dose vaccine, but would also like to get a flu shot, and have doubts about whether you can have both vaccinations at the same time? Remember – flu and COVID-19 preparations are not mutually exclusive – you can take both, even in one day.

“They can be taken at the same time, on the same day, but you only have to vaccinate at two different sites. Some patients may experience side effects, so you can also split up the doses, but not by waiting a few weeks, but just a few days. October, November and December are is a great time for flu vaccinations “- emphasized in an interview with Interia ZDROWIE prof. Adam Antczak, head of the General and Oncological Pulmonology Clinic of the Medical University of Lodz, chairman of the Scientific Council of the National Program for Combating Influenza. Moreover, as the expert pointed out, influenza vaccination makes the course of COVID-19 milder (we recommend the entire conversation with prof. Antczak).

Flu is an acute contagious disease. It cannot be underestimated. Untreated, it leads to serious complications – incl. bronchitis, pneumonia, myocarditis, acute kidney failure, and death. “The main task of the flu vaccine is to strengthen immunity to infection with the influenza virus. Vaccinations are an effective method of preventing this disease, complications and deaths” – noted the Ministry of Health.

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