Flu vaccine in Tuscany: the first doses arrive

The Ministry invites to start the flu campaign and Tuscany is ready to start in October: over 248 thousand doses of quadrivalent vaccine are already in Estar warehouses, as well as about 16,600 high-dose vaccines, and on 27 September 85 thousand doses of adjuvant also arrived. . Three different types of vaccines to prevent and control the spread of the flu in the coming months. For the entire season, over one million and 30 thousand doses have already been ordered, for an expense that will exceed 10 million and 671 thousand euros.

To be vaccinated for free will be frail and elderly subjects (from sixty years upwards). Preventing them from falling ill with the flu, in addition to defending them from the sometimes not minor consequences of the same, in fact reduces access and hospitalization, decreases the overcrowding of the wards and also the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

“The pandemic we have fought in recent years has taught us how important it is to prevent and not crowd hospitals – underline the president Giani and the councilor for the right to health of Tuscany, Simone Bezzini – applies to Covid but also to the flu . And in setting up an organizational and operational machine as complex as the vaccine one, thanks to all the operators involved, from the doctors of the health companies to the general practitioners and pediatricians ”.

The high-dose influenza vaccine will be used for guests of the nursing homes, the pediatric quadrivalent for children over six months suffering from other diseases, the adjuvanted quadrivalent for those over seventy years old and also with concomitant diseases, while the non-adjuvanted quadrivalent will be intended for those who are over sixty years old or even younger but are a fragile subject, as well as being used for the vaccination of health workers and essential services. Pregnant women are also among the risk groups who will be offered vaccination.

The protection induced by the vaccine is activated approximately two weeks after administration and lasts up to six or eight months, and then decreases.

Vaccines can be booked with general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, where for subjects at risk and with priority they will be available from 14 October 2022. In RSA vaccination will be guaranteed by health companies in integration with general practitioners , starting October 10.

Of course, it is possible to vaccinate against influenza and Covid-19 at the same time, using bivalent vaccines. Their use is recommended as a first booster dose for everyone and as a second booster dose primarily for the elderly aged at least or over sixty and the frail aged twelve and over, healthcare workers, guests and operators of residential facilities and pregnant women.

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