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Having a stick of foam in the trunk could prove to be crucial in some situations, as you never thought before. Let’s discover together the advantages of having this precious material always in the car, which could really save you on several occasions.

During a voyage there are so many aspects to take into consideration, both as regards the safety both as regards the performances of your car. A careful look should be dedicated, in this sense, to some materials which could prove to be really very precious: among them there is the foam.

Foam stick application between internal gaps –

Know all benefits from having a foam stick in your car it is extremely important, because it will allow us to make the most of this precious and unexpected ally. First of all we must always keep in mind that travel is not all the samenor cars and their interiors: often rigid, hard, dirty or worn.

There foam in this sense it could really prove decisive, covering damaged or uncomfortable surfaces and thus allowing us a peaceful and relaxing journey, as well as safer. A comfortable and functional guide is also and above all a guarantee of safety ours and of the people who travel with us.

Imagine having to cross half of Italy with a rough steering wheelruined and hard: a virtually impossible mission, not to mention the dirty seats, deformed by time and the weight of the people, or of the armrests and interiors that are rounded and worn. Here it comes the turning point of foam, capable of proving to be a formidable ally for any type of trip. Let’s see why.

The advantages of having foam in your car

Time and haste are the number one enemies of every motorist, often proving to be the main causes of lightness, forgetfulness or errors that could have a negative impact on the trip itself. If the fatethe risk of running into delays and inconveniences it is practically insured.

Many now lose in their car or in that of friends and relatives personal items of extreme value: house keys, health cards and credit cards, to name but a few, which end up in interstices, accidental opening of the interior, unexpected folds of armrests and various cracks. A nightmarealso because the time to be able to recover them is often high.

Foam rubber for different uses in the car

However, thanks to the foam, you can create insulating barriers between the air spaces of the car interiors, so as to avoid scratching or spraining a wrist to retrieve the mobile phone or office keys slipped between the seats. How? Very simple: just wrap the tubes at the base of the seats with foam And that’s it!

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