Food withdrawal, watch out for this cheese: full of bacteria

PDO cheese withdrawn urgently, due to the possible presence of bacteria harmful to human health: at risk of contamination by Escherichia coli.

Cheese –

Dairy products can contain bacteria that are harmful to human health.

Food withdrawal for a DOP cheese

The Ministry of Health identified a contaminated cheese. Regular inspections by the Ministry of Health are not only essential to recognize the presence of products that cannot be purchased and that could be considered harmful to humans.

These data also serve to better understand, over time, too what are the types of food with the greatest potential for deterioration or at risk of bacterial contamination.

Different types of cheese
Different types of cheese –

Large-scale distribution, or organized distribution, was the first to transform the link between the producer and the consumer.

In contrast to the traditional market, industrial packaging has provided a technology, which allowed long-term preservation of normally perishable foods, such as vacuum packaging.

The production of industrial cheeses, therefore that of cheeses on the market in supermarkets, but also of artisanal production, is subject to strict controls to avoid the development of pathogens over time.

One of the first ways to protect cheese from bacterial attack is the pasteurizationa cooking process longer than milk with which its contents are sterilized before turning it into a dairy food.

Bacterium Escherichia coli
Bacterium Escherichia coli –

Ossolan PDO cheese at risk of Escherichia coli

The cheese withdrawn after the recall by the Ministry of Health, due to the risk of contamination by Escherichia coli, is theOssolano PDO

As stated above, it is the pasteurization process that puts the cheeses away from a possible bacterial development, it must be said that not all bacteria are to be considered harmful.

Some of them are on the contrary benefits for the intestinal flora, just think of gorgonzola, whose green parts are due to the presence of live bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli can become dangerous if ingested.

Escherichia coli can lurk in the tract gastrointestinal of the animal, then thanks to the milk used to make cheese, it reaches the human being. Escherichia coli can also be very dangerous, especially for children. The most frequent symptomatology is represented by vomiting and diarrhea. In acute forms they can occur hemorrhage phenomena.

The Ministry of Health found that the recalled food product was positive for verocytotoxic Escherichia coli of the STEC type, which is of the less aggressive type.

However, even in this case it could still be the cause of ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, vomiting and fever.

Assorted cheeses on wooden cutting board
Assorted cheeses on wooden cutting board –

The cheese withdrawn from the market is Ossolano DOP, produced by the “Latteria sociale antigoriana COOP SAC”.

In particular, a recall was made for the production lot number: 00054-34381 / ns. L 2186.

The cheese is marketed in forms with a weight that can vary from five or seven kilos, while the minimum conservation indicated is 60 days. From the Ministry of Health the warning in case of purchase of return the Ossolano DOP cheese, related to that lot from the retailer from which it was bought.

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