“For a change …”. And Rita Dalla Chiesa silences Azzolina

I do not intend to abolish or modify the law 194. Understood? What language do I say it in?“. Giorgia Meloni it had been quite clear. In the face of repeated accusations from the left, not later than last Sunday the leader of the Brothers of Italy had clearly reiterated her thoughts: on her part, no desire to change the legislation on abortion. Yet, the message must not have been understood by everyone, given that, in the past few hours, the topic has once again become the subject of controversy.

The question was “curled up” last night by the former minister Lucia Azzolinawho during a debate on Rai3 spoke of “dangers of a right in power as far as civil rights are concerned“. The former exponent 5S, now a candidate with Civic Commitment, thus mentioned the issues of LGBT rights, the ius scholae and theabortion. With reference to the latter, specifically, Azzolina stated: “In the Fdi lists there are candidates of women who think it is necessary to have the cemetery of the fetuses. I have not heard Giorgia Meloni say a word against Orban regarding the fact that before deciding to have an abortion you have to feel the pulse of the fetus …“.

Law 194, From the Church replies to Azzolina

Arguments that annoyed Rita Dalla Chiesa, a woman who has always been attentive to the defense of civil rights and a candidate of Forza Italia. The former Mediaset presenter, who was present in connection with the same broadcast, intervened at that point to deny Azzolina. To the journalist Bianca Berlinguer, who asked her if the one raised by the former minister was a well-founded concern, Rita replied: “It is not a sensible concern, it is a concern that needs to be done election campaignfor a change always based on lies, on terrible prejudices“.

Giorgia Meloni has emphasized this and said several times that 194 does not change, if not for the better. Why are you still attacking Meloni on matters to which she has already responded with full knowledge of the facts, awareness and precision? Explain it to me“, said the former TV presenter, alluding to the unequivocal clarifications already provided by the leader of the Brothers of Italy. Moreover, just this morning, the latter had spoken on Rtl 102.5 and on the issue of abortion had again specified:”The only thing I would like to do is to better apply the prevention part of the law, I would like to add a right do not take it off, help a woman who does not want to have an abortion and give her the opportunity to make a different choice, I do not take anything away from anyone but I add a right“.

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