for the drop of the legendary skin Sukajan Kiriko you have to watch six hours of stream –

The new ones have been revealed Overwatch 2 drop on Twitch: these are the legendary skin / model Kiriko Sukajan, the very sharp spray for Kiriko and the lucky charm Donut. The first takes six hours.

Precisely, to get the legendary model Kiriko Sukajan of Overwatch 2, you must follow any Overwatch 2 category stream on Twitch for a total of six hours between October 7 at 11pm and October 17 at 8:59 am.

For it Kiriko’s very sharp sprayInstead, you must follow any Overwatch 2 stream on Twitch for a total of two hours between October 17th at 8pm and October 25th at 9am. Finally, for the lucky charm Donut you have to follow five hours (also counting the two of the spray) of stream on Twitch, again from 17 to 25 October.

For the drop, you have to choose a channel that has them active. Also, you must have linked your Twitch profile with your Blizzard account. The drop is also activated following different streamers: you must not always follow the same one. Overwatch 2 drops must be redeemed on the channel you are viewing or in the Twitch drops menu. It can take up to 24 hours to receive in-game rewards after redeeming them.

What do you think of these Overwatch 2 drops? Finally, here is a video diary dedicated to Kiriko and development progress.

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